Today was a lovely day.

My husband and I spoke on the phone in the morning and at noon. He’s working out of town and we talk on the phone and use the internet to stay close. It was as if we hadn’t been together for 21 years. It was new and exciting because we are expressing life together.

I played with our “puppy”. She’s just six months and already she’s sixty-eight pounds. I sat in the grass and when I arose my bottom was soaking wet! It was great. It cooled my system right down in the fast approach of the winter season, day by day.

Dakota was bouncing off the walls; kind of like myself most of the time. She nuzzled my face and almost sat in my lap. She fell off and rolled over with her legs sticking straight up and started to snore. That’s the puppy!

I left all the worries I can’t resolve inside, aside for a bit. I enjoyed
living today.

When I hand watered some plants I stepped into the sun and could immediately visualize my entire body warming all at once, instead of increments.

I realized again, I didn’t have to be poured into anybody’s mold but my own – no matter what the circumstances.

Green leaves, geese using the roadway, a different and unique person at every corner. I took a breath and swept, and then took the trashcans out to the front. I just may call my husband to tell him I love him.

Look closely. Look around you. You are free to love and laugh and survive happily. For each wound in life you have strengthened in character, your Spirit, and your capacity to love, and even free to be happy in the hardest of times.

Don’t forget this. Life will squeeze in on you. Take a breath and expand your life with joy. I am working on doing the very same thing EACH DAY I am privileged to wake up in the morning!

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