The Shopping Season and Other BS

Good grief. I find it difficult to believe that consumers are so blind that they buy into the media advertising “Black Friday” as a tradition! It’s created to trick people into a buying frenzy.

The origin of black Friday :” Black Friday as a term has been used in multiple contexts, going back to the nineteenth century, where it was associated with a financial crisis in 1869. Originally, September 24, 1869 was deemed Black Friday; a day of stock market catastrophe.”

“The history of the day after Thanksgiving being the official start of the holiday shopping season may be linked together with the idea of Santa Claus parades. Parades celebrating Thanksgiving often include an appearance by Santa at the end of the parade, with the idea that ‘Santa has arrived’ or ‘Santa is just around the corner’.”

“In the late 19th century and early 20th century, many Santa parades or Thanksgiving Day parades were sponsored by department
stores. ” (referenced from Wikipedia).

Do we really need a buying frenzy in these difficult times? I think not.
This is a time to teach the children the value of love and kindness and family times as gifts. This is the time to teach them about using savvy economic thinking.

There is still nothing like a hand made Christmas card or gift – at least in my mind.
I tried to find out what the cost of Obama’s state dinner was, but the government doesn’t disclose that fact (if you know, share it!). I read it could be as much as half a million dollars. What happened to transparency?

Another pisser (excuse me but this is the proper word for this thought), is the fact forty three million Americans go hungry daily. Did you know the cost of sending one-thousand men to war is one billion dollars? What’s wrong with these statements? Everything!

Another gripe I have today, I am releasing them so the negativity will be shaken off the day, is that if you or I crashed a state dinner, we would be in jail right now. However, since it was a socialite couple that breached security, it will probably will be forgotten with a slap on the hand.

Did you know they are trying out for a reality show, and that they brought their own camera crew? How did they manage that!

Lastly, regarding Adam Lambert kissing a dude on the American Music Awards show…he said that paren’t should be there to monitor what kids are watching. What the hell good would that have been – it would have just happened in front of the parents and the children.

Each to his own. I have my own opinion. Personally, I think he is a flaming gay blade that can’t even sing. He screams. Just because the media reports heavily on the gay and lesbian population and concerns, doesn’t mean it’s right. I don’t have to change my beliefs because Hollyweird shoves it in my face.

These events won’t change my life, but my concerns for the children are grave. Unless people speak up (it’s always the minorities that voice an opinion) our children and grandchildren will grow up not knowing what the hell to believe. It makes me sick.

There. It is released and I feel better. Have a great day and use your intellect. Don’t let big brother keep controlling your life!

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