Puppy Photos

For those of you who wanted to follow my “puppy progress”, I have this photo showing her the first day she opened her eyes, and at 6 months exactly.
This is my Rottie at 15 days old and on her 6th month birthday.:
She has been a lot of work as I am constantly training with her to be a gentles soul who can be trusted, and also a great friend and watchdog.
We kind of spoil her with love – but she has to earn her way by learning and since she goes in the 4 runner with me everywhere she has to be able to be trusted. She also lives in the house much of the time and she is doing great! So she gets spoiled a bit. I love these two photos.
The first is Dakota just sitting on her pillow. A bit of a chill in the room so I threw her blanket over her.
This next one is my favorite. A pampered puppy watching a dog show on our 61 ” television. Cute, eh?

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4 Responses to “Puppy Photos”

  1. ashleythinks Says:

    Beautiful!! Yet again.
    My aunt has a 10 year old rotty/lab and she has the best personality!! Your pup looks like she has an equally loving character.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    We’ve had a rottie before and we believe anyone who has a big dog, particularly one that most people label dangerous, has a responsibility to train it. They will always be good watch-dogs, but we think it is very important they mind perfectly. We actually teach them “gentle and easy” with children and whomever we call friends.

  3. Michael Ferro Says:

    Hello, great site!. How do I subscribe to your RSS feed to ensure I get notifed when you make new posts? Thank you

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      You know you’ve got me there Michael. Don’t laugh too hard – I snap photos and write! I am still just a “blog” baby after writing three blogs and a website! 🙂
      I notice as I leave a reply now, below this box states “I am the author of this post. ” There is a box to mark that says “notify me of new posts via email.”

      Maybe that’s it. Was there such a box when you left your comment? Hmmmm-
      I’ll try to find out as now I am curious.

      Thank you for making me smile! I appreciate your kindness.

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