Gifts for us All

To stir my past, and still present today, here are a few things of earth and the heavens I have loved since my memory of things began. These gifts I will love until the wisp of my life sails away.

The full moon rising

The sound of a train whistle in the distance

Walking in the falling leaves and crunching the ones blanketing the sidewalks and lawns in autumn.

The fragrance of the jasmine flowers and gardenias

The crackling of wood on a campfire, the toasty feeling sitting near it.

The vastness of the sky out of the city, bursting with stars shining and twinkling

Standing in the sunshine and feeling it heat my body after a dip in a cold lake

The smell of pine trees after rain

New fallen snow

The feel of a cool breeze, ever so slight, brushing across my face, giving me chills and making me smile.

The feel of a warm breeze that is able to cool me down in the heat of the hot and still day.

Cool, clear water. The sound of a creek. The sound of a river.

Sand between my toes.

The diversity of the lands and waters of the planet.

The vision of lightning, and the clap of thunder ringing in my ears

Pounding rain turning to little balls of ice, then to water again.

The flowers and plants that blossom right though a rock. The flowers in water.

The light of the sun peeking through lace curtains as it nears dusk, and the smell of chocolate chip cookies freshly baked.
There are so many things unmentioned that are so wonderful to enjoy if we just open our eyes and ears. I want to pay attention to that which was given as gifts to humankind.
Time is fleeting. Enjoy your lives! ☺

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2 Responses to “Gifts for us All”

  1. Beverley Says:

    Each one of your list evokes imagination of them. Many of them are things I also love. Thanks for reminding me.

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