Mrs. Obama, the Red Cross, Helping Others, and the Stars

I have no problem with helping others. I take the pain and suffering of any of my fellow human beings to heart – particularly children. I heard a “public service” announcement by Mrs. Obama requesting that citizens send $10.00 to the Red Cross to help in Haiti.

How is that a “public SERVICE”? It’s another request for more money out of the shrinking pocket of the working class people. Don’t misunderstand – I would go in person to help if I could. I would send lots of cash to help, if I could!

Here’s the problem. Wall street was funded to the tune of billions. Other countries are given millions on a regular basis. WHY DOESN’T OUR FAT CAT GOVERNMENT FUND THE RED CROSS? Why don’t each of the fat cats that make millions in bonus money send half a million dollars – or (and this is a separate issue) – why don’t some of the super rich super stars each lend a hand? Some do, I know – but a pittance in comparison with the millions upon millions Hollywood rakes in.

$10.00 to any of them may not seem like a lot, but we “peasants” are in dire straits. For those of us who pay taxes (and only about 99 million in our country do) – the burden is back breaking.

Let’s stop state dinners and all the ridiculous waste and let our (haa haa) government FUND THE RED CROSS. I know one thing I have plenty of that I can share – that is PRAYERS!

We need to all pray for the innocents who have been touched by this horrific tragedy.

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