LIFE and such

LIFE said to me: ” I suck.”

I said: “No. You can’t. I have lived all my life loving you.”

LIFE frowned and said to me: “I suck all the life out of you. I take your freedom and power and excitement and spirit, and turn them into boredom, remorse, anger, and guilt.
I suck.”

I said: “Okay sometimes you suck.”

MEMORIES said to me: “I suck too. I won’t let you forget the past! The anger and errors and injustices that have been a part of your life, they must be kept alive.” MEMORIES cringed and laughed because if I “forgot, he would be dead, and I would move along the path forward, never hesitating because of bad memories lingering in the past:

I said: Not even. I love the memories of good times past, and the people I have loved and those who have loved me. Ambrosia.”

DEATH piped in: “None of this matters for I will have you in the end. You are mine and I will have you after MEMORIES stop you dead in your tracks, and after LIFE has sucked all the life out of you.”

“Oh, snap” I said. “I will love you LIFE, all the days of mine. I will laugh and enjoy the individual windfalls of you.

I will honor the finer parts of my history, and revel in them, MEMORIES.

DEATH, you don’t scare me! You will have me only for less time than it takes me to swallow. I will instantly soundly sleep, awaiting God and the pleasure of His company.

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