So what do you think?
By Marsha J. O’Brien

The “governator” in California is proposing this: Instead of housing and feeding illegal alien felony prisoners, send them to Mexico – and build a prison there to house them. My personal opinion is to agree with the first half, but let the Mexican officials find a prison of their own to house them….What do you think?

Did you hear the Supreme Court decision stating that Corporations now have no limit on the money they can offer a presidential candidate?

It cost a billion dollars to put Obama into office…how much more now for those with money to win the elections? I think it stinks personally, though I often hear Unions already buy elections.

Did you know there will be another round of foreclosures in July?
Anyone know more about that one? I also read on the news today that lending is “tightening” (didn’t really know it had loosened up) – and that the interest rate for mortgages is going up.

Of course my thoughts about these things happening do not include surprise. Nothing much surprises me lately. As far as the state of the union for tomorrow night – when you are trying to stay afloat in politics, you will focus on what people want to hear – not what is actually happening!

As a debater the president was a champion.
I respectfully say, Mr. President, you should have remained a junior senator….you have spent more money than any previous president, and none of the promises you reiterated have been kept.

Would love input on any of the subjects mentioned. Please keep those poor citizens in Haiti in your prayers, and if you have the resources, a bit of the green stuff is always helpful.

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