Take Prescribed Medications after major surgery!

Good morning! I have a few moments I can sit here and write and thought I would share just this. I was prescribed a narcotic drug to take home with me for the pain. Being the strong individual I am (though my husband says sometimes I am a marshmellow) I decided to see if I could wean off the pills. He said, “It’s only been one day since you had major surgery! Take your medication.”

Well, he was right. Around 2AM this morning I awoke with excruciating pain. All I could do was place my hands on my lower tummy and moan. Of course he was right up and grabbed the Norco and handed me a glass of water. He was gallant. He didn’t even say,
“I told you so.” I did say, however, “You were right!”.

He also moved to the spare room for a few hours as he said I was so knocked out I snored! How horrible is that! But the pain is relieved and I will continue on schedule as prescribed. That is NOT to say you have to take every pill a doctor might prescribe. I really do research everything and try to make an intelligent decision regarding what I put into my body. After all, it is the only place I have to live!

I have to use my intellect to restrict myself for the next 6-8 weeks as I am not allowed to drive for a month! I can’t do much of anything physical and I have a high energy level. I also have to become a virgin once again. 🙂

I can, however, write, and pet my puppy (who was unusually calm but excited when I came home). I think dogs sense things with their owners. I can read to my hearts delight, sit in the sun and enjoy the song of birds, or sit on the porch when it rains and enjoy the sound of the rain and the wind in the trees. I actually have a world of things to do I might not usually take the time to do, so I am calm and happy.

I also met some incredible people at the hospital. One nurse quit smoking four months ago and actually was looking for a trainer to get twenty pounds off. He has three children and times are hard, so I told him I would share some of the things he can do to start a program that fits in with his demands( I worked as a personal trainer for twenty years or more). He was so happy and went home and told his wife. Made me feel wonderful.

Also met another helper (assistant?) who mentioned she had been severely burned at age six. She’s had sixteen surgeries and some life changing events. A very lovely young woman. I asked if I could meet with her and perhaps write about what she’s been through and she was pleased to do so. She seems like a sweetheart and I think her story will be very positive and interesting.

Lastly, I met a nurse who apologized to me a thousand times before I left the hospital. She was adorable. She accidentally tweaked something and for a time the morphine wasn’t getting to me and my sheets got soaken wet…she felt terrible! Then the next day as she was doing something (can’t remember, I’m on drugs:) – and I rather bled all over the place. Again she felt terrible.

But throughout my stay she showed me she is a lovely and talented nurse who cares from the heart. I hope to visit with her again.
All in all, it was an experience. Did you know (first time I had been awake in the operating room for a time) that when they slide you to the small table they stretch your arms out, rather like you are on a cross? I didn’t. My first thought was of Jesus and His suffering, and whether you believe the way I do or not, you know his suffering on the cross was documented. My heart went out to him…..really!

That’s it. Time for medication (just kidding, already took the proper dose). Just feel like I need to rest a bit. Have a WONDERFUL DAY and count all the fantastic things we take for granted as gifts. Go hug someone-think I’ll sneak back in bed and hug my hubby!

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One Response to “Take Prescribed Medications after major surgery!”

  1. lwayswright Says:

    I hope you feel better. And your husband is right…doctors don’t send that stuff home with you for nuthin!

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