Alone? No Valentine’s Day Cards? Well Phooey! It doesn’t matter!

Think you are a looser because you didn’t get a Valentine? Forget it. That’s just plain silly!

Whatever the history, whatever the “tradition” that has been passed down for centuries, whatever PRESSURE our media and the advertisers put on the peasants (I mean me too!), there is no need to feel bad if you are alone or no one celebrates another “consumer holiday” with you. Those who “own” those items to sell, just want us to feel obligated to buy-buy-buy!

Besides, God loves you every moment of your life, and if you don’t happen to believe in God, I love you! I think we were all born to love each other and that is an every day thing; not just once a year.

From my heart I feel empathy, compassion, and a tenderness that is real for all my planetary human brothers and sisters. Ask my husband! He often asks, “Why are you crying for somebody you don’t know? ” My answer will always be BECAUSE WE ARE ALL living souls on the same living planet.

That’s love, my friends! So if you are alone or feeling down – DON’T!! Lots of love from me to you via the Internet. Love travels from mind to heart and it doesn’t matter the distance!

CREATE a wonderful day for yourself, and GIVE YOURSELF A HUG from me to you! You ROCK!

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