Want chills to run down your back? I don’t monitor earthquakes professionally, but for over twenty years now – every single day I check the world, USA, and specifically California quakes.

I have seen such an increase in BIG quakes in the past decade it has been rather shocking.

Today when I did my online research (I used to do it via the telephone!) I found a pattern in the world and USA that is definitely reflecting more earthquakes this week than I’ve seen for a long time – and in places not seen before.

1. Yellowstone has started to perk up again.
2. Washington state- 11 or 12 quakes this week.
3. New York had two small quakes this week. That’s a first.
4. Illinois had a small quake. First one I’ve seen.
5. So did 4 other places that kind of follow the Mississippi.
6. 98 miles from LA civic center (E) just had a 4.1
7. California had over 100 this week (not abnormal-a bit bigger though)
8. Oregon and Alaska are having their share – Alaska a bit more this week.

Very interesting. Oh well, as a friend, Colonel Hockaday used to say, “War is hell but you can die crossing the street”. So no worries about the quakes,eh!

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