Dawn and Life

The old oak, barren for now, but still exquisite, stands proudly as the new morning begins to make way for the turning of the earth and the sun to warm me once again.


It’s been quite a ride. Though battered and bruised. I am not beaten.
I still smile. I still believe. I still know in my heart of hearts that love never ends.

I know beyond a doubt that there was placed in our hearts, before we became, a special void that can only be filled with the love of the Inexplicable who created us all. I still don’t know why I know – but I do.

Wonder for me never ceases – I still wish upon the same star, the same wish I first made as a child. It has never changed and I have never told another living soul.

Every star, every planet, every universe, every leaf, snowflake, raindrop, leaf, cloud, clap of thunder, sunrise, sunset, and morning that I awake, new again, makes my pulse race with excitement as if it was the very first time all over again.

I am cognizant. I am grateful for the power of my brain to think my life….I didn’t know for so long that I was actually in control of my days. I still remember. I forgive others. That’s been easy. I forgive myself and that’s been a lifelong endeavor that finally I have achieved, though tears of regret still fall upon my cheek at times.

I can’t feel remorse or guilt any more as they are tired emotions that have been unrelenting and pointless, and taken more time than they deserved.

I am grateful to have the time and the passion to write words that blossom in my mind and heart and make their way to print.

I am grateful for the people who have really known my heart. I am grateful I find it hard to conceive evil, though I know it has takes a toll on the citizens of this still living planet.

Curiosity, still rampant, drives me to seek answers, meaning and purpose. I want to know, though I am aware that I can never know all the answers. I am satisfied to try to do my best and then trust that someday it will be a clear and beautiful as a fine crystal reflecting a rainbow of colors shining in the sunlight as the breeze moves it ever so slightly. Somehow I know certain things, without question, and without doubt.

It has been an honor to finally learn to draw the line of demarcation and not change who I am to please others. Strength is silent. Power is always within me to draw upon. I will create, through my thoughts, a beautiful place to be today, within my own body. I will radiate the love I feel and hope to touch another human soul with that love.

I am grateful to the individual Spirit that God placed within my living being.
I will celebrate life once more. Each moment a new beginning.

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2 Responses to “Dawn and Life”

  1. Fawn Says:

    Nice post!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:


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