State of the Union

This is truly a view of what is happening in the United States of America. This woman was sitting in exactly the same position every day for several weeks when I drove by. Then one day she was gone.

Now we have people on so many street corners asking for help. The young, the old, the disabled, and those who look like you and me. One elderly lady always can be seen walking the main street dressed in black with a wide rimmed hat and an umbrella. She carries along with her a bag on a metal carrier she can pull.

At the post office sits the same old man day after day, with his sign asking for help.
My husband won’t let me walk in the woods near the house as when he walked with me to “check it out” there were several encampments hidden unless you were looking..

Greed is the only reason for this state. Greed and lies to the peasants. A corrupt government is ruining America. My heart goes out to my children, and my children’s children; and my prayers.

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8 Responses to “State of the Union”

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    A corrupt government?
    When has American government not been corrupt? Reagan (whom Conservatives seem to masturbate furiously over) wiped out half the left wing of Latin America.
    Clinton’s treatment of a Haitian terrorist was despicable.
    Bush…….. well, the World knows exactly what price it has to pay if Halliburton wants to make a profit or two.
    I’d suggest Obama is the least corrupt President you people have had in years. He seemingly has corrupt big business to deal with (Americans just LOVE to know they’re free from Government oppression, as long as they’re always under Corporate oppression), and moronic tea party movement, that doesn’t seem to understand who it’s fighting for.
    I’m sick of the Right Wing of America. Disgusting people.
    Greed is not the reason for the State.
    Greed is the reason for the rather oppressive and inherently evil American brand of Capitalism.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Well let me ask you this first of all – do you live in America? Are you American? Please let me know as I consider this an important fact before I can respond to your email…I would love to respond.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Wait – let me ask you a few more questions I feel I need to respond. I assume you live in America-would like to know for sure. Not born here though, I see from your website. What is your profession? Do you live on the money you earn?
    If you are as free with this information as your opinions, I would love to respond properly to your comments. If not, well then that answers many of my questions as to whom is giving opinions…which is of course, is everyone’s right.

  4. futiledemocracy Says:

    I live in England. I live on very little money. I go to University too though.
    My boss, who works two days a week, drives home in a Porsche. We, the little people, fund that lifestyle for him. He has very little importance. If he leaves the company, the company carries on running smoothly. If we all leave the company at once, the company fails. So who is more important? Why aren’t we paid a decent wage?
    He doesn’t know our names. He is rude to all of us. His family look down on us, as if we’re scum. Yet, we’re the ones who make it possible for them to go on luxurious holidays every year. Without us, they’re nothing.
    He sends us letters telling us we must always be clean shaven. If the Government told us we must all be clean shaven, there would be an outcry of “OMG They’re trying to rule our lives!!!” So why not when business does it?
    Because this “system” keeps the public running scared of Government, whilst the actual people with the power, the people who have the control over our lives, live in luxury, off the back of our labour.
    Call it Socialism, if it’s Socialism to believe that the work force is far more important to the running of an economy than the man living a life of luxury, then i’m a proud Socialist.
    The fear of Government is something we all have. But business is FAR more oppressive. They decide who gets adequate water. They decide how much I have to pay for heating, to keep me alive. If I can’t afford it, tough, I shouldn’t be so “dependent on Government handouts” despite the fact that I work, and I go to University.
    I live in a country where our healthcare system is free. Americans seem to be scared of universal healthcare. And yet, the British healthcare system, according to World Health Organisation is ranked 18th in the World………. America is 36th…… mainly because you’re slaves to the insurance industry. We still take care of our sick. And we pay less than you. And our child mortality rate is lower than yours. And our life expentency is better than yours. Socialised healthcare works.
    I watched John McCain tell a group of Americans on Fox News that the British health service doesn’t treat people over the age of 75. That very same day, my 84 year old grandma was being treated by our health service. In fact, she’s in an NHS hospital now, as we speak. McCain just lied. He didn’t even come up with a good lie. He just blatantly lied. He speaks for Republican America, who in turn, speak for Corporate America. And Corporate America is so very dangerous (just look at their treatment of Latin America).

    No, i’m not American. But given the fact that England is now a 2nd America, with a McDonalds on every street corner, and our obsession with “free markets”, and the fact that thousands of our troops have died in an American war, I believe I have a right to speak up on America.

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information with me. Quite interesting to get your perception of it all. I am called to be away from the computer for a bit, but will respond in depth to your comments as soon as I can. THANKS again and I will get back to respond!

  6. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I send accolades to you for such an informative post. I quite enjoyed it. We probably live on a bit more money than you, though my husband is forced to work out of town, and after paying “basic” bills, we have very little money too. We are what I call peasants. Of course your boss drives a Porsche – some things you say run quite true here too. Many similarities.

    I believe you aren’t paid a decent wage for the very reason I mentioned. Greed. If he (or the company) paid you more – they couldn’t live the lavish lifestyle they so love. Bottom line is it’s all about the money!

    Do you not think that government is big business? It is here for sure. Did you know the cost of putting Obama in office was a billion dollars? They ran ads about him 24/7 on television, so they could control the minds of so many whom really believe everything they see on television, or anything published by the media. Of course the “tea party” thing probably is an insult to you just by the name alone (remember the Boston Tea Party?) Just a guess on that. Not everyone agrees with them – but really, a majority of Americans right now are agreeing with much of what they say. We are totally appauled by what is happening in America. It is the crumbling of a fine country that we citizens still love very much!

    Obama and Hillary were chosen, in my humble estimation, because one of them was a sure bet to win for the Democratic Party. A woman or a black man – “how progressive….that could mean change” – and the American people were ready for change.

    Nothing has changed except the middle class has evaporated and we as a mass are very rich, moderately rich, poor, or devastating poor. Foreclosures happen every day, jobs are lost everyday; corporations have sent so much of our “work to be done” to China and India, “Made in America” is a joke anymore.

    We are afraid of what is NOT being told to Americans about the healthcare reforms. There are many more implications printed on proposals than the peasants are allowed to know. I don’t want to take the time to go into detail, but since Obama has been into office for this one year, he has spent more taxpayer money than any one president has done. He bailed out corporations (the loans and refinancing promised HASN’T happened); government is growing by leaps and bounds, Big Brother has arrived, and who do you think runs the government? THOSE WITH MONEY RUN THE GOVERNMENT! World banks, corporations, Unions, etc. It’s all about the money.

    I do want to clarify that our country does care for it’s sick and poorest peoples. Insurance corporations suck and so do drug companies. But if you don’t have money or insurance hospitals cannot turn you away. That is the law. If you are destitute we are loaded with programs to help-free health care, free food, food stamps, free housing (HUD), and so forth. Supporting the poor and alien population in California alone is breaking the state-along with an idiot governor.

    You seem like an intelligent guy so you should know the media touts whatever is important to the party in control, kissing the ass of the idiots in charge…they are absolutely bias towards the government in charge…it’s sickening to most of us. The media lies. I believe if you say you watched John McCain say these things you are telling the truth – but perhaps it was taken out of context…perhaps not. My husband and I are political atheists-they are all cheating liars and they run the country based on big business, and big business means greed.

    Corporate America sucks. Peasants know this, but the power of the government is this: he who has control of the biggest weapons has control.

    I have paid my taxes all my life and never taken a government handout (though I know sometimes people REALLY need to and I do not begrudge this). You are a working student. The folks that piss me off are the druggies who are provided even syringes, and medical help, and those who are simple against the government but take what they can get and bitch. We have plenty of those people in the states today.

    All the fat cats who have been greedy over all the years I can remember are breaking the government and the United States into pieces. Even our democratic senators are quitting because they say the system is broken and corrupt.

    Do you think we like McDonalds on every corner? No frigging way. Do you think we want our sons and daughters dying along side with our English mates – No frigging way! I have many wonderful English friends.

    Did you know that the moment America finished breaking from England those American citizens were taxed to pay for the war? They fought England because of taxation!

    Did you know that Lincoln actually was going to ship the blacks black to Africa but it was such a logistical nightmare he couldn’t figure out how to do it so he did what was politically correct and freed them.

    Some things never change and being born to wealth is a simple luck or sometimes luck and hard work. My husband believes he works harder than ever but we have less money than ever. You have to see intellectually that it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY….greed.

    I am sorry that you are so full of negative emotions and what sounds like hatred. Of course it does seem futile – at least change does. One thing I’ve learned though is that you can think some things will always stay the same and the next moment they’ve all changed.

    I keep a positive attitude because I am selfish and refuse to give my happiness to the state of the union or the world. I live my life as happily as I can and try to make those in my world happy too.

    I wish happiness for you and yours and success in the future. I know “futile” can mean many things, such as ” incapable of producing any result; ineffective; useless; not successful or often suggests long and arduous effort or severe disappointment (fruitless efforts to obtain a lasting peace), but I REFUSE to give up or give in. I refuse to give up hope.

    You’ve heard people say, “I won’t believe it until I see it”, yet wise people know that we won’t see it unless we first believe it. When you are positive you draw positive towards you. When you are negative-likewise, you draw negativity towards you. I think the name of your blog is good, but I do not believe your efforts in writing it are futile; nor do I believe your working towards a higher education is futile. You have stated your beliefs and that is positive and opens the door for others to join in conversation. That isn’t futile. Thank you for that!

    I do believe you have a right to speak up about America, but don’t forget, in World War II America helped England and has helped many people around the world – and still does. I just believe that if you were here in actuality and living the life, you would have a different perspective. So many people hate Americans, but all the Americans I’ve ever known, still believe in helping their neighbor and trying to do what is right. We have been demonized for so long, and it’s not WE THE PEOPLE.

    Lastly, I do believe in God. CREATE a wonderful life for yourself!
    If you need stress management I specialize in that as a personal trainer, for over 30 years…please check out my website. I don’t personally sell anything except peace from within.

    We peasants (or small people as you suggest) still have a heart and spirit.
    We just lack money and weapons!

    I still love American citizens and the we’ve gotten a bad rap.

  7. Fawn Says:

    Just wanted to throw my two cents in here…. part of the problem with America is that Americans get freaked out about change and start to change their minds. Then… nothing gets done, except corporate America continue to get their way and the politicians who play the political games keep their jobs (and they do indeed play the public like a well-tuned instrument).

    That’s what’s happening now with universal health care – everyone got freaked out and then ran for the hills… with their votes.

    Republicans do at least one thing much better than anyone else and that is that they correctly estimate the IQ of the American public, which unfortunately is a lot lower than I would like.

  8. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Well put. I hadn’t thought of it, but Americans did get freaked out. Love “they (politicians) play us like a well-tuned instrument.” Indeed they do! IQ of American public- lower than I would like too. I can’t figure out if it has to do with our educational flaws or becoming mind dead with video games and internet surfing.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)<

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