Today let’s just enjoy flowers and RELAX

Take a breath in through the nose – slowly. Empower and relax with more oxygen.
Exhale through the mouth-slowly. Make room for more oxygen and let fear and worry fly into oblivion. They are unnecessary emotions.

Do this again and look at the wonder of the flowers above. From the buds to the flower in full blossom….beautiful isn’t it? Take time to enjoy the beauty that is still on this planet and remember to use your oxygen as a “secret weapon” against stress.

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2 Responses to “Today let’s just enjoy flowers and RELAX”

  1. slamdunk Says:

    I am breathing slower now–thanks for the reminder and good photo.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Makes my day to hear you enjoyed this brief post and photo! I love teaching stress management as I benefit as much, if not more, than anyone! Have a wonderful day!

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