NEVER pay in advance

Sometimes I think I am a slow learner. I paid $200.00 to a “trainer” (and I use the term lightly) to help work with my Rottie. The dog didn’t learn anything more than I had already taught her prior to going to class. I should have known…I trusted her words and her “experience”. When she asked for all the cash up front I didn’t doubt I would get my money’s worth. WRONG!

Last week I took an ID bracelet to an engraver and asked if it could be engraved.
“Sure, he said.” I paid in advance, thinking I had cash in hand and it would be a done deal when I picked it up. Today I called to see if it was ready.

It is. “However, one of the letters on the front bubbled and bent” the engraver
told me. I knew instantly I will not be able to send it to my thirteen year old grandson for his birthday. I asked him if he would give it to his grandson. He didn’t answer.

I asked if there was a refund. No. I asked why he didn’t call me to speak to me when it happened, before he engraved any more. He said, “If you had come in to look and hadn’t paid before, you would have stiffed me.”

Sweet, eh? The owner of the business is too poor to stand behind his work and bite it for $25.00 by giving me a refund. He told me he’d engrave another if I bought it there. He even said he’d do the engraving free if I bought another one. I told him, I am fifteen days out of the hospital, can’t drive to shop. My husband is unemployed. I cannot afford another one anyway- I could little afford this!

Oh well. His last words to me were “You can pick it up but we are done doing business.” You bet we are.

I kick myself for being stupid and paying up front. My husband will probably want to kick me in the butt for doing it AGAIN….but he loves me and will just feel badly it happened. I don’t want to tell him how upset I am as he would probably go in and kick the guy’s butt.

Such is life. People never cease to amaze me. I would never keep money for goods sold if I had to present the customer with less than beautiful work. It just isn’t in me. This guy will stiff himself in the long run. I may not see it, but it will happen.

Keep your money until you see the work done perfectly. Have a wonderful day!

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One Response to “NEVER pay in advance”

  1. Terry411Cato Says:

    True. I made this mistake with a web designer. He never did finish my website – one excuse after another.

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