Oscar Poop and a beautiful day

I watched a news show last evening with my husband, and thought, “Gosh, being a looser isn’t too shabby if you are in Hollyweird.” Here’s why: Actors who DON’T win in their category get these prizes as “consolation gift bags” :
A $45,000.00 Safari, OR a $14,500.00 Monaco Vacation, OR a $7,000.00 New England luxury suite for a vacation!
At first I thought wow that is huge. Then I remembered that even the top looser prize is just a spit in the bucket for a “star”. They earn that much usually in just a couple of days of shooting a movie.

I am not coveting or jealous – really – I just think it is an example of how screwed up everything is these days. I appreciate people like Brad Pitt, not only for donating LOTS of money to Katrina and other things, but actually physically helping to build homes there, and using his time and energy as well. There are a few stars (such as Paul Newman was) that really give back for their success in their field.

I just don’t think any “star” is worth that kind of money. Even the president’s salary isn’t that great. Well, it may add up to a bit more than we think because of life time benefits for him and his entire family. Gosh I wonder what we pay for all those in the government who get those benefits….and there are quite a few who do!

Doesn’t matter though. I hope you all are happy as I am ninety-nine percent of the time – no matter what.
I can walk, talk, hug and kiss, and love to my heart’s content. I can see the full moon, drink a glass of cold clear water, feel the cold wind and push autumn leaves around to hear the crunch and enjoy the colors. I just think we have so many things to be happy about. It is a CHOICE.

I have food on the table, a bed to sleep in each night, my hands work for me and my eyes see clearly. Think about the “little” things you take for granted. In reality these things are your life from moment to moment and day to day. Be grateful for something today. Do a kind deed (even a little one), and tell someone you appreciate them, honestly, for something you may be taking for granted.

Don’t let what is happening turn you into a sour ball…this too shall pass! Love your life! The best is yet to be…draw it towards you with good thoughts! Enjoy the bouquet.

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One Response to “Oscar Poop and a beautiful day”

  1. susieshy45 Says:

    Beautiful thoughts and beautiful flowers too.

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