Chocolate, Aspirin or Poor Nutrition – Which one is bad for you?

I bet you really know!

Poor nutrition can cause many physical warning signs, and will ultimately manifest in simply a lot of added stress to manage!

Though chocolate is the number one most craved by woman, it’s not all bad. Chocolate affects neurotransmitters (a stew of appetite-control chemicals) in the brain. It “tickles” almost all of them.

The taste of chocolate just touching the tongue releases endorphins, those chemicals that produce a euphoric feeling. The sugar raises brain levels of serotonin, which boosts the mood.

There is a compound in chocolate that triggers feelings similar to those of being in love, and the caffeine gives an energy boost.

A different compound in chocolate is also found in marijuana. Even the aroma affects brain chemistry. On top of this, the cocoa butter in chocolate gives you a moment of ecstasy, a melt-in your-mouth sensation that’s irresistible.

Here’s the real beauty – it only takes a bite or two to satisfy brain chemistry. Beyond that, it’s simply overeating.

Aspirin is a real gift to us. One half a baby aspirin a day can help you avoid heart problems. In case you think you might be having a heart attack – men, quickly take an aspirin, cough hard, and then call for help in you feel it necessary. Never take a chance. Women, the dosage for us is higher – take at least two and better yet, three, then cough hard, and call for help if you need to do so.

A new study with people with “above normal” blood pressure, finds that those who took aspirin at night decreased their systolic and diastolic blood pressure reading. Taking one in the morning didn’t help. Be careful though, if you have any indication of stomach problems, or indigestion, check with your physician before starting a regime of treatment.

“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”
Author Unknown



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