Anyone who loves to read…and wants a good deal!

This is an email I got from the author of the book “Liminal Travel” (the one I quoted the other day). He’s having a sale and if you are someone who loves to read – this is a very good deal! I bought it. Normally I don’t advertise anything, but these days if it’s a really good deal, with finances as they are, I don’t see why it’s not a good thing!
So if you are so inclined, here is the information:
“First, the special 75%-off sale for Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual ends at midnight *tonight*.

Here’s where you can grab your copy and save 75%:

Second, I apologize if any of you weren’t able to get to the website yesterday. My servers were causing me some issues and the site was down for almost half the day. I’m working on getting things solved, for the moment, the site is back online. If you run into any problems, you can email me up until midnight and you will still be able to get the same deal.

I’m holding this special sale as a way to say THANK YOU to all the people who read Liminal Travel, downloaded the pre-release, and have given me such great feedback. 🙂
Here’s where you can grab your copy and save 75%:
Get Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual For 75% Off And Get FIVE Free
If the 75% discount isn’t enough to have you and your hobo friends heading to my special ‘75%-off’ web site, these FIVE free gifts will surely do the trick:

If these five bonus gifts were sold serparately at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon, they’d go for over $100.00 …but when you accept my seventy-five percent off offer, you can have them free!

You’ll get instant access to…

* Bonus 1: Slackville Road
* Bonus 2: Existensis: The SOB
* Bonus 3: Lost in Transmediality
* Bonus 4: Feeding the Spirit: 30 Days of Spiritual Practice for
People of All Faiths
* Bonus 5: American Vagobond Odyssey

That’s a lot of goodies …and you get it all FREE when you try my entire system for 75% off.
Go here right now and claim your copy before they’re all gone!

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