I am a loving, kind, spiritual kind of woman, and yet to date, I still lean towards judging others. First of all, who am I to judge? The only thing I haven’t done is to commit a heinous physical crime against another human being.

I admit, one time I took a shot at someone. Well the target was actually the wall next to his head. I aimed there and only meant, at that moment, “Go away, now.” He did.

Back to the implausible thing I still do, after being forgiven in my life by my mentor, and my own kind of human beings. I judge. Not prison for life. Just watching…. just being a bit defensive of my life and my families lives.

Not trusting. Sometimes finding myself with a shield around me to protect me from harm. I think this is, in part, to the media reporting all the hideous and violence in America.

I cry to God and He hears me. I think He said to me, just now, “You got yourself into this mess, now get yourself out! I’ve been here when you need me, but I’m not hotfooting it up those stairs. Do it yourself. I trust you will. I love you. Now stop judging others. Stop thinking fearful thoughts.”

So I write – sometimes scattered thoughts bouncing from one moment in time, to another…. recalling events as if freshly minted in my mind. There is so much I want to do. I wonder why it takes so long for the “growing” of us as human beings. Maybe I am just a slow learner..

I do know that this day I will not even make a slight judgment of another. I will try to use these moments of my life to revel in the beauty of this earth and the joys of human relationships and love. I hope you are compelled to have a wonderful day. We aren’t guaranteed time on this planet, so enjoy your day to the fullest.

“Facing life does not guarantee success, but giving in to fear and turning away from it does guarantee failure.”
Joseph M. Marshall (Lakota)


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