“An act of giving up something valued for the sake of something more important or worthy”

The term is also used metaphorically to describe selfless good deeds for others or a short-term loss in return for a greater gain. The verb meaning is “to make sacred”.

To be a good parent or partner means self-sacrifice for the greater good and wellbeing of those we love.

If you say you love, and truly do, there will be sacrifice on your part at some point in any relationship. To be able to, at any moment, sacrifice what we want so another can be something more -wonderful or whole – requires love and faith.

Your sacrifice need not be the ultimate sacrifice of life, though our military men and women often sacrifice their lives for freedom. It can be such things as giving up your pick of a movie, going to PTA rather than doing something else you’d planned, giving time to care for the elderly or needy, being flexible and willing to give up your needs for the needs of others.

Jesus gave the ultimate gift to us by sacrificing himself for the good of all mankind. His love stands beyond reproach.

Thank you Jesus for your Divine love of humanity, and the sacrifice of your life to give us the opportunity to be forgiven and remembered by God through all eternity.
I love you! ☺

Oil of Jesus Christ by Gigi Gallant, Big Bear Lake, Ca.
“This was a vision Gigi had in a dream…all men into the face of Jesus. Cover one half and then the opposite. It is a striking of “fair to dark skinned” and captures your heart when viewed in person.

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14 Responses to “SACRIFICE is…….”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’m looking for information on this artist. Was trying the web again and your blog showed up. I have several paintings by her. Anything would be appreciated.


    • Marsha Says:

      I am sooooooo sorry! 2010- this is the first I saw your comment. The artist lived in Big Bear Lake and has passed on. She surely was inspired. I will check with family and if they have prints to sell, I will absolutely notify you if you are still interested!

    • Marsha Says:

      Sorry Mike! I guess I need another cup of coffee!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Alas, I certainly wish I could find her too! If I get any information I will let you know. What a fantastic image to paint in oil after her inspiring dream.

    So talented – now that is a God-given gift I can enjoy vicariously.
    Have a great day.

    • Mark Gallant Says:

      Hi Marsha, I am gigi’s son, I saw your post on her painting today as I was looking for info about her . I am sad to say , gigi pasted last Oct. She was her joyful self right to the very end. She is survived by her two daughters & three sons.

      • Beryl Glass Says:

        Hi Mark,
        I saw your post about your mother and I love this painting of Jesus. I would like to use it on the cover church’s magazine and wondered if you could give me permission for that? Please let me know if you receive this.
        Beryl Glass

      • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

        I hope you’ve gotten a reply. I so wanted to buy another copy of Gi Gi’s painting…I never heard from him though. Isn’t it awesome – oh that you could see the original – it was wonderful and truly inspired.

        Have a beautiful day. Warmly Marsha

  3. Sherrie Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I met one of Gigi’s sons long ago, but I don’t remember if it was you?

    I was just thinking about her tonight. She was a close friend of my mother’s. Gigi painted a portrait of my daughter from a photo, after she moved from Big Bear.

    She will be dearly missed.

  4. Joe Hevesy Says:

    I have a beautiful original oil by Gigi which I bought in Montreal in 1974. It’s a picture of a boy in a field holding a kite string. The face of the boy is indeed memorable. The picture has hung in 3 different living rooms of our 3 different houses since the year we purchased it. It is about 30′ x 24″.

    I phoned Gigi (not her real name) a few years ago and asked her if she could send me a short biography of her life, especially concerning her arts background. She agreed but unfortunately I never received it, and I didn’t want to bother her again.

    Huntingdon, Quebec

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Hi Joe,

      Gigi’s son emailed me a few months ago to let me know she passed on at age 82. She died 9/27/09. What a wonderful and soulful artist she was, and I treasure this one print I have of the Master. I’ll bet yours is wonderful too.

      I really wanted to get another print but her son never responded to my request. We are indeed fortunate to have some of her work.

      Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading my post. I haven’t written for almost a year but my motor is purring so I will be writing soon. 🙂


  5. Diane Says:

    Hello Mark Gallant,
    I bought one of your Mother’s artworks when I was in Hollywood Fl, back in 1974-I was 28 and was a new widow with 4 sons-Your Mother’s art inspired me with the love she had for her children! I was so sorry to hear of your lose! I don’t have a name for the piece I have but it is quite large and the face of a very wise man-helped me thru the years-hung above my fireplace!
    God blessed you and your Family with a very special Lady!
    Diane Drennan

  6. Kimmy Gallant Says:

    Hi everyone, I am Gigi’s granddaughter, Kimmy (daughter of her youngest son Paul.) I do not know much about her art career, as it was before my time, but I can try to answer any questions you have about her. If nothing else, I can ask my father about her for specific inquiries.

    She has lived in California, Florida and Arizona, and probably sold artwork in all those places — I am not sure where else.

    I am glad you all appreciate her work, though. She is missed!

    You can email me at

    Best of luck,
    Kimmy Gallant

    • Sherrie Says:

      Hi Kimmy,

      I believe I remember your father, when he and your grandmother lived in Big Bear, CA. She was a very good friend of my mother.

      Gigi use to have quite a few paintings at our local hospital and at a restaurant. I don’t know who possesses those paintings now, but they were all wonderful. She was a member of the local art association and won a lot of first place ribbons at shows.

      I will have to tell my mother about you. I don’t know if your dad remembers Daisy? I know that she remembers him.

  7. Denise sowers Says:

    I just love this work of art and the artist! What a beautiful way to show the love of God and his identification with all humanity. I wish this was for sale!

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