Her head lay in a pool of her own blood, and her eyes were glazed and bloodshot.

People were gathering around, most looking as if they didn’t know what to do.

Someone had cupped a blouse around the back of her head to keep the bleeding to a minimum, and others were saying excitedly, “Don’t move her, her neck and her spine looks twisted. Don’t let her move.”

Fifteen minutes earlier I was settling in next to my husband to watch a movie and enjoy the warm early evening. The pup was lying on the floor chewing her bone and I heard screaming. I jumped from my seat to check it out. It sounded as if it was close by, and as I walked out the front door I saw someone standing in the street looking northward.

I walked down the walkway and looked northward and the screaming intensified. I saw several people, a man and two women, I believe, standing next to a small light colored car sitting on the wrong side of the street.

I could see one woman pressing on the door hard -over and over, and the man inside yelling, my foot is in the door – let go. The pushing continued and it appeared that the man next to her was pushing too – or pulling her to release the door….it
seemed seconds, when one of the women said to the other one to let go of the door.

I had run into the house to get my husband and when I came out, I saw that somehow the door shut ,and the woman who had been pushing it closed on the man’s leg, began to take her fists and punch inside the car windows at the driver.

My husband saw just as the driver took off speeding while
the woman still had her hands in the car window. He punched it and she went with him and then suddenly flew from the car.
She went up in the air and landed flat on her back. He sped away.

My husband ran down to her where the crowd was already gathering. I ran back to call 911. By the time I got back to where she lay, my husband had already been telling her to keep her eyes open – to stay awake. He kneeled down and held her hand and kept encouraging her to stay awake. Someone asked her to wiggle her toes. She did.

The bleeding had begun to coagulate in a pool before the police arrived. Three squad cars got there minutes before the ambulance and paramedics did.

My husband and I, and two other people who had witnessed the event were questioned while they put a neck brace on the victim and strapped her to a board.

When she had been cared for and the questioning finished we walked back to the house, now listening to the helicopter flying over the area looking for the driver.

We don’t know what happened. We never will. We only know that it happened. There were people willing to help. I only hope it wasn’t too late.

So how was your day?

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