She’s okay. Here is a tip in this kind of emergency!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I was left in the air as to what really happened and if the woman who needed an ambulance was okay. Today my husband spoke with the boyfriend of the woman who had been hurt. She’s okay.
She’s home, has eighteen staples in the back of her head, abrasions all down her back and legs, a potential problem with her back, and probably a pretty good concussion.

She is alive though, and not paralyzed! That is a blessing. Here is “the rest of the story”……

When I heard the screams for help the couple had already seen this guy beating the hell out of a very slender young mom. It was her boyfriend, and not a good guy at all. Apparently he had been in prison at Chino (Southern Ca.) – had several of his “buddies” over and earlier my husband heard him saying something about dropping acid.

Obviously he had lost it and she was running in the street while he was beating her. My neighbors two houses north heard her and went out to tear him a part from her to stop the beating. I didn’t get the details, but obviously he had gotten in his car and was trying to get away. That’s when the couple grabbed the car door and kept it from closing (except his leg was still in it. They struggled to hold him until the police got there – knowing one of the neighbor’s had called the police.

Here is where it all went wrong. When he finally got the door closed I got a sinking feeling in my stomach…she was putting her arms in the window (the neighbor-not the woman being beaten before)-and she was pounding him! Apparently he and my neighbor Irwin had exchanged blows when they were trying to extricate him from my other neighbor…Irwin’s girl was mad. She was pounding him.

He grabbed her arm and put his foot into the gas pedal. That’s when she was dragged down the street and then dropped to the ground like a rock. He got away.

Though the helicopter looked and the police, he is still on the loose. I heard they have an idea where to get him, and I think they will.

Irwin’s last comment to my husband was “We’ll never try to help anyone like that again.”

I really believe it would never have gone this far if when he got the door closed Irwin’s girlfriend would have just let go and gotten the license plate instead.
But that is my opinion, and when you are right in the middle of something like this it is hard to say what you would do.

I think it would be terribly hard not to get involved if you were right there and saw something going on that could be stopped. I would hope that the humanity in us would not allow us just to ignore it…..though in recent days I have seen examples of people doing just that, with horrific results for the injured person.

I think they were heroes to help this young mother of two – who knows – she might have been killed otherwise. I am so glad these two people are okay.
Bless them for helping her.

Be safe and CHOOSE your company wisely. It takes time to get to know someone!
Also, for all you young women who like the “tough guy” appearance – be very careful.

My husband, a very wise man, said “It takes at least a year to pass the ‘impression’ stage.” That’s the place when a guy will say or do anything to get into your drawers! The dangerous person can look just like you or me……if you’ve met in a bar, be EXTRA-CAREFUL.

I’m not saying there isn’t a 1% chance of someone in a bar being “qualified” for you…I am just saying that unless you want to spend your life in a bar – it might be wiser to look someplace else.



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2 Responses to “She’s okay. Here is a tip in this kind of emergency!”

  1. angel709 Says:

    Great story and advice Marsha! Sometimes we meet people as we’re PASSING THROUGH life, but that’s where they LIVE, so I dare not stop short of my destiny to get stuck in the “bars of life”. Poor characters can hang out anywhere–EVEN CHURCH….so listen carefully; in the first few minutes of a real conversation, a person will speak their intentions. This is almost unfailing; “….out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak” (Matt 12:34-b). We just have avoid woo feelings long enough to “hear their intent”.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I agree. If we listen from within we will hear the truth from Spirit.

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