A Sad Scenario

Following up on my posts a couple of days ago about a young woman injured in her attempt to help another woman who was being beaten……here is a sad ending.

The woman who was being beaten has returned home; think she stayed at a friend’s for a day or two. Her boyfriend was released from jail on bail (the charge against him is assault with a deadly weapon-hence, dragging the woman who tried to help her, when he sped off, to get away).

He is back living with her and now she is against the people who tried to help her when she screamed, “Somebody help me.” He’s a dangerous man who has done this before ( has been in Chino prison) – and he will probably do it again. He yells and screams at her two children and I fear for their safety as well as the safety of this stupid-stupid young woman. (My opinion).

Those people who came to her rescue are nervous about him being right across the street – it’s not over yet for them – there will be court and who knows…

All the fiasco and injuries and nightmare were for nothing. The woman beaten made a choice. I hope it doesn’t happen again, as I have a feeling no one will be there to help her now.

I do know one thing for sure, for any young woman who wants to listen, NEVER let someone lay a hand on you in violence.

You have one life, one body, and NO ONE has the right to hit or beat you. I am not speaking as a person of inexperience in this matter. Second chances will fail ninety-nine percent of the time without counseling, anger management, and more…..don’t endanger yourself or children.

I regret not calling child protective services at the time, but hind sight is 20/20 and right now it is what it is – a very sad scenario.

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3 Responses to “A Sad Scenario”

  1. sanjiwan Says:

    hi, Marsha,
    how is live , I am back again. Now onwards , I will not miss any of your post. Now , I cant really afford it.

    Anyway, I have created my own website. I dont know what I did. Just wish to have your comment.

    check pls.


  2. angel709 Says:

    Very true words and sad scenario. I learned a few years ago that many times in tolerated abuse, “the victim” equally NEEDS the “perpetrator”. It is a cycle both have silently agreed to participate in until they are ready to experience a healthy life. I pray for her now, that God will awaken her spirit for her and her children’s sake, heal her mind, and lead her away from abusive behavior; and for the man, may God bring intervention to his destructive ways, stop the violence at the root of his heart, and heal his inner victim. In Jesus’ Name! Thanks for posting.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Sometimes all we can do is pray!

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