I am good to go!

One of the biggest plus factors in teaching stress management and relaxation techniques is that I have “practiced” so many times with students….I KNOW it works, and I will do what it takes to reap the rewards!

Sunday was a very stressful day for me and so I backed off on doing the many things I am involved with on line. I stepped back from my scenario and breathed mindfully, as I have told students to do for so many years.

The first thing I did was get mad. Then I cried. Then I got down to business and prayed. I prayed for a healing. I prayed for forgiveness for those who have hurt me, and those I have hurt. I prayed for God to take my burden from me and handle it. I gave thanks too for all the blessings I take for granted daily.

If you want to pray with someone, do so. If you have no one to pray with there is a group, UNITY, who has a number you can call and a stranger will seriously pray with you. You can request thirty days of specific prayers and they will do that for you.

I remember one time when I was down I just walked into a church office and asked if I could go to the sanctuary to sit and pray. They let me, and I felt surrounded by the power of God in one of his “temples” on earth.

If you’ve never prayed, try it. If you don’t want to you are missing a great power and relief, but you can still meditate and think positive thoughts. Dwell on the good.

For a time I “diverted” my attention from the problem to different activities. I got busy. I did not sit around and feel sorry for myself. “Busy hands are happy hands” is a truism.
A busy mind can’t dwell on a problem that is, for the time being, irresolvable.

I allowed myself to cry and then got back to the busy factor… I searched out hugs and support from those family and friends that I trust with my innermost thoughts and heart. Even hugs on the phone are helpful. The sound of the voice of someone you love, and someone who loves you, is healing.

By bedtime last evening I had talked on the phone to loved ones and friends for probably three hours since morning. I never do that. I needed to find support and get the thoughts of those that I trust.

I said my prayers and fell asleep. This morning I awoke and said a prayer of thanks and one of safety for my family and friends. I feel like the rip in my heart has been carefully mended, and though if I dwell on the scenario, I know I “could” still be upset, I won’t. You don’t have to drag out horrible things and go over and over them again. It changes nothing.

If you only dwell on sentimental and emotion thoughts, it will weaken your ability to heal in life. We must have a balanced share of emotions and intellect.

We are all children of God. The problems, I think, begin because as “children”, we don’t behave all the time by simple rules set before us.

I will LIVE MY LIFE NOW, not in a story of the past. I learned from the past and am moving forward to see what will happen now.

I know God is watching us and how we respond to life…..that is what counts. I will not torture myself because someone has pointed a finger at me and judged me harshly for days past, many years ago. I tried that and it sucked! We all make mistakes. The trick is learning from them and applying what you’ve learned to life in the present moment.

Can we, through all the hell on earth now, remain loving and kind? Can we, no matter what transpires, continue to love and forgive? I believe we can. It is a matter of CHOICE.

I’ve probably said it thousands of times in stress management training – It’s not what happens to you in this life – it is how you respond.

I move forward, upward, and will take each moment of my life and savor it, for who knows how long any of us have. I will love and forgive (even myself!), keep a tender heart, but one with steel around it, to fight the good fight.

Choose to have a magnificent day. I am. I am on my way to walk the dog on this cool, windy, rainy, and wonderfully wild day!

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