That was then….

You must live your life IN THE NOW, for the now, this moment is all we have left.

Keep your thoughts sweet in anticipation of the good yet to come, and it will come to you.

No regrets. No sorrow. Have steel to protect you in your heart, but keep it tender and true, for today and tomorrow.

Truth never ends and forgiveness is required; if you’ve been in frozen in time – look to the blossoms and flow in life’s rhyme.

This moment is all. Love is now. Forget the pittance of then and its sorrows – live life right now, for time can’t be borrowed.

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One Response to “That was then….”

  1. susieshy45 Says:

    I will certainly try to live in the present, rather than the past as I usually do and the future, where I do ramble on occasion.

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