For all who have given birth – to all who have been a mother without even the pain and joy of birthing a child…..Take a breath! Thank you for caring and loving so unconditionally all your life.

It takes a world of mothers to raise a child, and accolades to those of you who find themselves single and raising your children. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you are exhausted or make mistakes in your child rearing decisions. WE ALL make mistakes.

It’s a difficult job and no matter how many books you don’t have time to read about how to do it – EACH CHILD, EACH SCENARIO- is unique. We learn by doing!

If your child and you have had a parting of the ways, forgive them and yourself! This isn’t a rare happening in today’s society…locally it’s happened to many women I know.

Nothing is more painful than a child not wanting you around, but to a point, that is natural in the progress of handing their life over to them as adults. We would love to share wisdom and be the sage advisor when we see things we think we can help by saying something. The truth is that wisdom should only be shared when it is asked for by the individual; otherwise it will be considered intruding into business that is not yours.

It is hard to let go. But let go we must. Bless your child and turn their safety and lives over to God. When you see them – simply love them without a critique or anything less than joy.
A bouquet for you!

A mother’s work is never done as long as she resides on this planet. Keep that unconditional love available no matter what, and keep praying. YOU ARE DOING THE VERY BEST YOU CAN DO AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!
As a footnote I want to thank anyone who participated in “gifting” my son and his fiancee towards being able to get their wedding boxes! I am amazed at the response and generosity of even those who don’t know the bride and groom! Love is still around for sure, and in these difficult economic times, to see this kind of response touches me deeply in my heart. They will be getting the wedding gown, the veil, and the other contents of the boxes. THANK YOU AGAIN and GOD BLESS YOU!

I know one thing for sure – if you LOVE your child – no matter what – you will hang in there and be there for them unconditionally, if they just say the word.

“Mothering” happens from women to all children, and animals, and sometimes a bit to their mate or boyfriend (a little of that is plenty:)

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