God, if you hear me, please guide me!

I do believe in God. I do believe in miracles. I also believe in the hell that is evolving into a nightmare on this planet. I need to drop to my knees more often. Not in fear of a nuclear attack, but with my palms faced upward asking for direction.

We can become overcome with trials and tribulations of DAILY living. Don’t forget to keep your faith strong and be grateful for all the blessings we take for granted.

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18 Responses to “God, if you hear me, please guide me!”

  1. angel709 Says:

    As I have overdosed on your blogs today for several hours non-stop, this was a thought that came to mind. There is about to be a big, big shift. People are tired and restless and when we get really tired, and really restless, we act…and that action may start individually, but it will spread into a viral movement. I feel it too. My kids are not in school, my willingness to be “more flexible” only incites others to ask for more.

    After you’ve pushed someone past their limit, they rise up. I feel as though I’m wating on a trump to sound…not necessarily “rapture” as traditionally taught, but no less a transformation of ALL types of believers.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Yes indeed, my friend, things are beginning to happen all over the planet. You know I LOVE the Lord and my Bible, so I know changes are coming. Did you know the word “rapture” is NOT in the Bible? I have read every word more than once – many times in the New Testament – and I don’t declare to know it all by ANY means, I just know I have never read it or known anyone who can direct me to the specific word. Think that is fascinating.

    Transformation of ALL types of believers is coming; things we can’t imagine; ultimately wonderful forever things!

  3. Sone Says:

    Today today I am alive m grateful! I’m sitting in my car reading your blog trying to figure out a way to get my lights turned back on everything off my gas is off my water is off and everything else that you can have in my house phone tv your internet is off and still have my cell a least until 1/18 today was the 1st day back to school and now it looks like that may be a rap no Income a child and 3 dogs
    maybe I dont have enough faith

  4. stressmanagement magic.com Says:

    Yes you do have enough faith! You are glad you are alive-and grateful! You have a gift. A child. You have 3 dogs – protectors and companions, and you have now touched the heart
    of someone who prays all the time and has an abundance of faith!

    I’ve been in REALLY horrible places with 3 children and a farm I lost – been beaten, cheated on, and penniless. Just remember any event in your life that
    requires guts and tenacity will build your character, and lead you to a better place!

    Remember your child learns mostly from what he/she SEES – not what they are told. Be resourceful. Make a plan to get help and do your homework….I
    don’t know the specifics, but are always what people call “do-gooders” (I call them compassionate and loving) – who will help if they can. They have to
    know your situation before they can help.

    As far as the animals – any animal lover will try to help if possible. Look to churches, organizations like Salvation Army, missions, look on the internet, and
    EXPECT God to answer your prayers. If my be a different answer than you expect, and it may take time, but in the meantime you, as a parent, have to push yourself to move forward……and with a positive attitude and sense of humor (really!). Those things will help you and your family.

    God will help you rise above any trials this hard old earth throws at you. Even if you find it hard to believe-just pray and start helping yourself in creative ways. God draws near to those who draw near to Him.

    I could tell you horror stories about my years – mostly alcohol and poor choices – but I survived and thrived, and you can do it too!

    I will be saying prayers for you.
    Warmly and sincerely,

  5. Kris Says:

    I’m feeling the same way. Its 1:54AM in the morning and I’m sitting in the car with my girlfriend homeless! My cousin jus put me out because she’s completely lowdown! I ask the Lord each day to please show me and guide me, but it’s like I don’t even know where to turn! My mom always told me that she could not understand how I could hp so many people and have so much intellect, but when it came to using for myself, I couldn’t. I truly don’t understand. I feel like I’m in a transitioning state…like I’ve honestly been brought to like my lowest point. I know the Lord wants me to be humble, and I’m trying. It just feels so hard! I really need a strong encouraging friend, preferably out of state who doesn’t just really know me so they won’t judge. I just need a true Christian friend that I can talk to through hard times. I feel like I have nobody at times like this. I mean me and gf have dated a while now, but I’m trying to help her learn the word of God as well. At times that becomes great on me too because she sees how I react to some things and that’s not always a good reaction. But please, whoever reads this I pray you could understand my on going pain for years now and just be a positive friend/influence on my life. God always works in mysterious ways.
    A friend of my mine told me, “When God allows youto struggle this much i’s because you’re blessing is almost here.”

  6. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Ill be that friend. I am Christian and have had MANY problems in my life…mostly poor choices and alcohol abuse (I abused it and it abused me back!)

    Perhaps I can share a thought or word that has been gifted to me. I will drop you an email from the address to respond to, if you like.

    Prayers are coming your way – where ever that may be!

  7. Nomusa Says:

    I’m trying to recover from a broken heart- for the love of God it feels like I’m not going to survive this… it hurts do bad it’s unbearable. I can hardly eat or sleep- to my amazement, I don’t even have words to Pray. I feel like a doughnut with a huge hole inside of me and I don’t even know how to close this gap. I can’t seem to be able to stop crying and everything seems not to be working anymore.
    Please Pray with me just so I get through this. Days are getting longer and nights are getting extremely cold and tearful.
    Please pray with me so I can get through this. I get very frightful every morning because I don’t know how each day will pen out.
    Please Pray with me so I get enough strength to live again.
    Please Pray with me so I don’t destroy myself through this process
    Please Pray with me so I can hear God’s voice again
    Please Pray with me so I know through God everything is OKAY

    Please, please hear me as I Pray.

  8. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I will pray with you. Your heart will mend. Even if your prayers feel empty, God knows and God will never leave you. I’ve had more than one broken heart. You are in mourning right now, so it is normal to feel like this. I WILL pray for you and God will NEVER let you down. When I felt I was done, I never dreamed what wonderful things were in store for me. It takes time to mend. Time to heal.
    Time to move on. Just remember I will pray for you too. I’ve been there. I know it will get better. God mends those with broken hearts. He hears you as even though you feel empty,’you are still praying. I know it’s difficult to feel trust because the broken heart is so painful…..please, believe me…time and prayer will heal the wounds. Feel free to write any time you feel like it. I mean it, you are never alone – I do care! God cares. I am going to post something right now and it will be just for you, and I know others will join in prayer. Much love and healing to you!

    • Nomusa Says:

      Now I’m crying because your response was so quick… God Bless You Marsha!
      I’m always on the internet with hope that I will find answers-even went as far as goggling *Please God Hear Me*
      Thank You, Thank You!

  9. amanda Says:

    I need someone to talk to someone to pray with me. I am a young mom of a 3 year old and a baby on the way. I know that I am not to be where I am at with this man that doesn’t love me doesn’t want to love me and only keeps me around for convience. I don’t want my children to see the fight and screaming, I don’t want the fighting and screaming! I pray and pray everyday God help me get the strength to walk away to turn away but I can’t find that strength! I have nowhere to go nowhere to turn to! I am so lost and need a word or 500 of wisdom of strength! And the worst part is there is a man that would give me everything and I do love him yet I still can not walk away! Can anyone give me some of their prayers and love and wisdom?

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Dearest Amanda, I just returned to town and tonight cannot respond to your comments. I will, however, pray and will write tomorrow a longer responds. Do not give up. I will post a request for prayer for this young mom…there will be, I am sure, others praying too.
      Until tomorrow, Take a breath, stay strong, and know you are NOT alone!

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I am sorry it took me so long to respond to you. Life and satan has a way of keeping us from things we really want to do. It’s a VERY difficult position you are in right now. I will tell you fighting and screaming will begin to ruin your child, and the baby on the way. I know someone who is in the same position and her (now 4) year old has had some negative and unhappy responses to screaming and fighting. I can see it happening. Even her 6 month old baby changes faces and demeanors when that stuff is going on. Do you have any family you are close to? Do you have a woman’s refuge closeby? How about a church group? Have you been seeing this “man who would give you everything”?Be care not to go from the pan into the fire….I left an unfaithful husband and my children and I fell for the biggest con artist on the planet…there I was again in a bad situation that ultimately could have been worse.
      Fall down on the knees and Ask God to direct you – even if you don’t think it’s the direction you plan. Get to safety – a mission or refuge…unless you think he will leave. Find help for women in your position on the internet….groups and such. I will continue to pray for you, and trust God. It’s not easy to “not worry”, but God is bigger than ALL OUR problems put together, so he will help….just
      get on your feet and remember NO ONE will EVER care for or love your children like you do – you may have to make sacrifices, but you are their only hope. Also, if you are miserable too, your children will pick it up and you will not be a good example. Take a breath when you get overwhelmed-actually a few mindful ones. When anxiety overcomes we start shallow breathing and it makes us worse, our shoulders get tight, and our intellect not sharp. Do it now, please.
      Then pray any time you get the chance and listen to that gift of “insight” God plants in our hearts and put one foot in front of the other to change things. Also, don’t forget to talk to your baby you are carrying….be calm for that child too.

      Much love and prayers……..

  10. amanda Says:

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom Marsha they really are helping me! It is just so hard to walk away but I know for my kids I have to and I don’t want to raise them this way. And the man that would do anything in the world for me we’ve loved one another since high school for the past 7 years we never stopped and never will we just never had the same time schedule on relationships. But I know he is here if I were to need him! I just have nowhere to go he says I can come to him but that would be totally uprooting my son to move 4 hours away and I don’t think that’s the smartest thing to do right now! I am trying to figure it all out because I can’t keep putting myself or my son through any of it let alone to bring in a newborn child! I feel bad though as I should try to stay and make it work why do I feel like that? I shouldn’t or should i feel guilt for wanting to get out get away? Please help!!!!

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      I am sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, as I know how upset you are. Life makes demands on us, and sometimes we simply have to change our plans. I know you are feeling guilty because you have a child, and one on the way, and want your dream to stay in tact, and a father for the children. However….
      No matter how much you have loved each other in the past, oftentimes, with maturity and experience, that love can change. Obviously, by your remarks, his love has changed for you. Sometimes men just cannot accept the “challenges” and work it takes to welcome two children. Doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love them, but perhaps it is overwhelming. Would he be up for any marital counseling, or counseling through a church or public service? Sometimes counseling helps. I know one thing for sure,
      no matter how young children are, and I believe even in the womb, they hear screaming and fighting and it stays in their little hearts and minds. This simply cannot continue. They can learn several things from this scenario. It’s “the way to live” – fighting and screaming. Anything can become normal. Or “mom and dad stay together even though they don’t like each other”. Worse yet, ultimately the children will feel they are to blame. For now, sweetheart, please keep praying and find a moment, when your little one is sleeping, and your husband is calm – to be open about your concerns and find out if he wants the two of you to find a mediator – His response will be an eye opener, and I hope a positive one. You have to PROTECT your children. Talk to your child in the womb and be as calm as you can when a problem arises. Take a breath and when you feel like screaming, ask God RIGHT AWAY to help you be clever and find another way. It takes two to have a war. Perhaps just refusing to fight and sitting calmly will send a message you don’t really want to fight. If you can communicate it will be wonderful. If communication is over, then it’s back to the drawing table and time to begin to plan for your life and the lives of your children. I cannot speak for God, but I would be willing to bet that He would rather have you take care of you and your children than to sit in the middle of a big mess. That’s down the road though until you see if he is willing to talk/or get counseling. Do not play the blame game. Let him know there are probably lots of things you can improve upon, and you would like to work together, not JUST for the sake of the children, but for the SAKE of this long term love you’ve shared. Many years down the road, your mate and you will find if it is to work beautifully – you must be best friends. Think of how best friends solve problems and pray and BREATHE before you speak. God will never desert you. Never. Having faith means trusting even when it seems all around you is falling apart. You will be in my thoughts and my prayers. Please feel free to write anytime.
      CREATE your life. If you are happy your children will be happy. If you are happy your husband will be happy. Try and see where you stand, but for your own sake and your children – see if you can be the one to stop the war between you and your husband. Keep the faith. My love to you.

  11. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I will answer your comments soon. I have been behind on so much after being out of town, and should be better by then. In the meantime, trust God and breathe easy…He hears your prayers!

  12. Angie Says:

    Hmmm…I just Googled “God please guide me” and found this blog.
    I think I’m lost right now, I mean I love and give praise to the Lord and used to always be positive and happy no matter what happened and now in the last month or so it’s like I’m a total different person, I mean I’m still here for everyone when they need a friend to talk to and get some words of wisdom. I try so hard to do what Jesus would do but why is it so hard to not apply it to my own life?? I don’t know what else to say, nothing seems to work out in mine and my families favor lately, like ever since I started really following God and reading the Bible on a daily basis. I have food for my family and a warm bed to sleep…why isn’t the enough to make me appreciate life anymore????
    I apologize, I know that there are other far off worse than myself that need prayer more but I guess I just needed to vent a little bit…
    Thanks for listening…

  13. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Ever since you started really following God and reading the Bible you say times have been tougher..I think that is because you are trying to be with God, and nothing angers Satan and evil like those who are seeking power and understanding. DON’T give up! When I was a personal trainer, people would reach a “plateau” in weight loss / or training – then they felt they were not getting any good results…so many times it was necessary to let students know – this is NORMAL. Any time we seek higher ground there is work to do to get there. I’ve been where you are more than once. I’ve prayed when I felt my passion FLAT. DON’T GIVE UP>what ever is getting in the way of your happiness, no matter how high the stumbling block, there is NO POWER great that God – and NO BETTER manual for wonderful living, than the Bible. I PROMISE!!!
    I’ve had (as mama used to say) – a “wild and wooly life” – some huge mountains, and some gross and deep valleys. Keep on believing and even if your passion is flat for now, whenever you think you are feeling awful, within that wonderful mind, PRAY and ask for specific help to regain your passion for life. Of course there are people far worse off than both of us, but it is not selfish to think of you and your feelings and pray for YOU! I will pray for you Angie.
    Love your neighbor, AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF…if you don’t love you, how can you truly love your neighbor? So keep reading and praying. You might even say, “God, I feel like life is nothing great right now – guide me to where YOU want me to be.” He will. Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow or next month. In the meantime, since you have a bed and food, think of a kindness you can do for someone less fortunate, or call someone up to say, I love you. When you give, it will be given to you – and much more than you’ve given when you give from your heart. CREATE a wonderful day and I am so glad you had the opportunity to write what you are feeling….sometimes just getting it out on paper is a great release rather than having it pent up in your mind. Take a few deep breaths, PRAY, don’t worry about “instant gratification”-just forge a head and be a person who is working towards something wonderful (even if this is a plateau) – this too shall pass.
    I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Blessings to come…..

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