Words of Wisdom

I have a very close Aussie mate that has a world of wisdom. We have been emailing back and forth and our discussion touched on the current world situation. I feel her words are well worth sharing and she said it would be okay! Thanks Lee – my dear friend.
Personal investigation of truth takes time and things have been set up in such a way that, after we work to pay the ever growing bills and taxes, we just don’t have enough spare time for anything much, beyond some banal entertainment on TV and 8 hours sleep if we’re lucky. Der. It’s brilliant. Keep us busy with just trying to live and we wont have the time or space to notice or investigate what’s happening around us and to us.

I feel for every American and what comes to you first, will indeed eventually reach the shores of every other nation. Maybe it’s my indigenous origins, but it keeps me awake some nights and heavens …my dreams!

There are things going on behind the scenes, that is undermining the simple God given rights of the every sovereign man and woman everywhere. It got a foothold in the US a long, long time ago. I fear it has all gone too far to stop now and there may even be another 911 size event. Marsha, always be careful where you go and try to stock up on everything that you need to live. Just in case. Some emergency warm clothing, first aid, food and water supplies never hurt anyone.

We have all been trained over our life times, without our knowing, to focus on the unimportant. Meanwhile, certain groups – mainly banker/corporate based, have been chipping away at us with their hidden yet in ‘plain view’ agendas. We have been ‘trained’ to accept too much that is just not right: wars both militarized and/or economic; contaminated water, food, vaccines; ridiculous taxes, bailouts, banker bonuses and corruption (it’s at all levels, to every extent). The list is endless and the finale is? Don’t question the matrix and/or its makers because, through the use of taxpayer’s money, they now have the ability (man power, resources and technology) to take us down if they have to. Everything you are describing to me was predicted a looooong time ago by a courageous few whom, by way of education and/or position and/or experience, would not be silenced and should not be ignored.

Over decades our attentions have been completely diverted by materialistic and/or egocentric competitions and a plethora of mindless entertainment and the endless clutter of consumer goods. Our children are fed a steady diet of all things utterly detrimental to self evolvement – online interaction over those relationships with ‘real’ people; debaucheries music, their cultures and idols; violent movies and games; dumbed down education with agenda based propaganda; junk food empires; drugs and especially legal; a slow and steady conditioning to accept a loss of personal freedom under the guise of ‘security’. Even the vocabulary of generation now vs. generation ours, has shrunk by at least 25%! …I’ll stop here.

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5 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. Jennifer Butler Says:

    It amazes me to no end that you realize what is going on and can’t raise enough stink with the rest of us to change it~ Let us all get buried in our work and worry to accept what’s going on instead of working and worrying about how to change it! Keep on keeping on just don’t stop being aware of things to come.

  2. Jennifer Butler Says:

    Elkhorn Nebraska and I didn’t mean to sound like i was criticizing anyone just don’t have enough faith in man(woman)kind. I just wanted to make a statement about everyone becoming involved in the on going epoch. Just a freak for education I guess and It seems right now that big business can run a wonderful world like ours into the ground if they feel like it. ex: BP. Let’s just all imagine what we could do with our God given abilities instead of Government telling us what we should be doing with them. Just wanted to get the other people who read your site to think. I am originally from Elyria Ohio. Don’t care much for Nebraska, just a rest stop until I get in the mood to move on again. Came here with my husband 10 Years ago. Watching farmers left and right lose their farms due to the need for cheaper operation costs in other countries. And courageous I am someone has to stand up and make noise! Hey did you know that congress is trying to take freedom of choice out of our bill of rights? And freedom of expression? Oh yea and freedom of the press through censorship? Just want people of all walks of life to open their eyes along with their hearts or we aren’t going to have much to say about anything before it’s all said and done.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for clarifying what you meant Jennifer. I agree with you on so many things. Big business and expanding government control is killing the individual success of what we all could do with God-given ability. Freedom of choice? I think that was taken away long ago and millions are simply brainwashed into “thinking” we have freedom of choice; and expression. We are being pressed right into a mold to fulfill the needs of big business, and to “obey” government rules. I think it is vaporizing any middle class that existed and the population of the poor is rising. There are many people who feel like you and me, and I know many who are trying as hard as possible to change things by voicing opinions, and casting votes. I just have this terrible gut feeling that it is going to get much worse. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”-I am sure you are familiar with that quote. Sadly those with the largest amount of money (and weapons) rule. I keep praying. I am so sorry to hear about what’s happening to the farmers. Two million folks are out of work here in Calif. My husband has to work and live out of town and we don’t even know how long the job will last. Did you know Hitler took citizens guns away before it all started to go to hell? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Jennifer – I’m right there with you!

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