Too little too late – the oil in the gulf

Here is my concern about the oil spill. I don’t think BP is holding back and trying “NOT” to stop the oil. Why would they? My question is WHY did Obama wait for thirty five days to get involved? I am not a Bush fan, but if it had been on Bush’s watch all hell would have already broken loose.

WHY didn’t all the consultants and companies around the world pitch in and share ideas? WHY didn’t Obama say, after a few days, “We are going to join with BP and find a resolve.” Is he just trying now to be a hero and say “we’ll handle it now-get out of the way”. Too little too late.

GET THE EXPERTS to work together. They should have joined BP weeks ago and been partners in getting something done. Have you heard BP is paying only part for the work and clean up and American taxpayers are picking up the balance?

I am disgusted with the president trying to control every sector of business and enlarging government control over everything! America is rapidly disappearing as we’ve loved it. He has done more long term damage than any president I’ve seen in my lifetime-even with all their damage combined. His face is projected EVERYWHERE just like big brother!

That is all the time I am going to spend on ranting…still fighting to heal the body, so I now will switch my thoughts to that. I will continue to pray…..

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