Illegal Immigrants and obama conversations

FYI – I know obama isn’t capitalized. It is a sign of disrespect on my part. My right.

What is the problem with checking to see if a person is an illegal immigrant anyway? Yes, this country is made up of immigrants (about 90% originally) – but LEGAL

Other countries ALWAYS check passports. I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, Singapore, China and Japan, and my citizenship as an American was always checked – via my passport. I didn’t feel racially profiled. I felt they were protecting their citizens and making sure I was legal.

I believe where there is no actual border it is imperative to check whomever authorities think might be here illegally. There are seventy three million illegal immigrants in USA from Mexico. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, they send billions to Mexico, and they also get medical help at hospitals and doctor’s offices, housing provided, and help with food for their families.

Again, I don’t want any child going hungry, or not able to get medical treatment, but many of our LEGAL and NATURAL citizens are not even privy to those things. Our elderly doesn’t even get a “cost of living increase” for social security this year.

Racial profiling? Give me a break. We have a responsibility to check for illegal immigrants. Just because they can walk across the border doesn’t mean we should have to pay all their expenses. That’s wrong. Plain and simple. California is going down the trash can providing all these things for illegal immigrants….if you think I’ve made a mistake here, you do your own research on the cost to taxpayers who are legal citizens. I did mine.

By the way, did anyone ever see the president’s birth certificate?
Don’t be fooled by all the hogwash being fed to us by obama. He was a champion debater. His talent abounds in being able to take a question and respond with twenty minutes of words that in actuality mean nothing. He makes listeners believe he’s said something. He can’t give straight and short answers. He talks until listeners have lost even what the question was, and they are so bored they don’t care any more.

His response to all questions never ends up being more than a fine mix of words that win over many “folks” (a term he loves to use). Have you ever noticed when he’s talking to the American people he speaks more casually – such as “I’m talkin’ to you” – kind of leaves the g off of words to sound cozier with the common folk people.

He received the biggest donations from an oil company for his campaign from BP. Perhaps that is why he was slow to do ANYTHING! His “people” have to review the offers of help from 17 countries, and the folks who have boats and are ready to work. Makes me want to puke.

Those are my bitches for the day, and legitimate ones, I believe. If anyone has anything to add, or different thoughts on the matters at hand, please feel free to comment. It’s always good to get others opinions.

In the meantime, I am going to have a cup of coffee, enjoy the last spring rain, and think a few prayers for all the peoples of this planet earth. I am going to enjoy these moments as they are fleeting. I hope you enjoy your day too!

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4 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants and obama conversations”

  1. trishothinks Says:

    Very well written, and the main thing is what you are saying makes sense!

    The only reason they (democrats, liberals), want the illegals to have amnesty, is so that they can get their votes! Talk about selling out the American people for their own devious agenda….makes you want to break out the old guillotine doesn’t it?

    If obama doesn’t have anything to hide….why did he have all his school records and personal records (like birth certificate), put under lock and key?

    The narcissist obama will do anything to keep his power.

    The United States cannot absorb this many illegals into our country….it isn’t economically or environmentally feasible. By environmentally, I mean our water and other natural resources are maxed out as it is. We just cannot keep taking masses of people (there’s no room).

    Lets just hope the scandal of someone in the White House offering Sestak a job to drop out of an election, will bring them down…all the way up to obama.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for your comments Trish. Yes, the king does want all the power, doesn’t he!
    We can only hope and pray and hang in there!

  3. angel709 Says:

    i agree 99% of what you say, and maybe higher. and even the 1% I can’t say is disagreed, but I want to pose the question, HOW IN THE HECK DID THIS MAN GET TO BE PRESIDENT without “us” as a country checking his “credentials” (natural born citizen). I mean c’mon! If we’re that cookey (and I’m being nice) to let a man in office and all throughout his political career escape this kind of “basic background check”, then I’m sorry…that’s just ill poo poo on our parts. We’re not THAT SLOW!

    Now for those unchecked immigrants….I have to do all but strip to my thongs to get past checkpoints within the U.S. AIRPORT! The striptease without a tip, throwing out sealed or openly drunken bottled water, disarming my laptop, candy, carrots, tampons (yep, I’m rolling with you Marsha) is just ignorant! BUT..BUT if that’s how we’re rolling, let’s do it at borders and checkpoints? It’s intentional Marsha..that’s all I’m saying…we’re not that “stupid” of a country to let obama “slip” through the presidential process like an illegal alien at the border…but then do a cavity search on an infant and frisk a geriatric diabetic paraplegic and this not have an alterior motive. Yep, i could use a Pepsi!

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Roll on baby, we’re healing now…..I think you are totallly right – 100% intentional. Loved your words- hope you keep on rollin’ with me; you have so much insight and power from within.

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