Wedding plans for Vago and Hanane

For all of you who are interested in the progress of Vago and Hanane’s wedding, here are the details:

First of all everything in the wedding boxes was received with such thanks and appreciation – and all the wedding attire fit perfectly!

The date of the wedding celebration is June 2nd. They have planned their wedding differently than normal Moroccan marriage, creating their own plan. The family has all agreed to travel from their homes (usually they stay pretty much in their home area)……to the Sahara desert, and proceed in a nomadic way; eating Berber food, sleeping in tents and riding camels.

Berber food: Berber cuisine differs from one area to another within North Africa. Thus, it is not easy to speak about a typically Berber cuisine. A classification is essential, in order to emphasize the specificities of each Berber group. Zayanes of the region of Khenifra around the Middle Atlas have a cuisine of a remarkable simplicity. It is based primarily on corn, barley, ewe’s milk, goat cheese, butter, honey, meat, and game.

Will post photos when I get them. BE SAFE and have fun! Please don’t drink and drive!

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