Did you know…..

The first battle engagement on D Day in WWII over a thousand men were killed? As of yesterday there have been a thousand men and women killed in the ninth year Afghanistan war.

American Mexicans and Asians (I prefer to say American first as opposed to second) – During WWII… worked in war factories, and MANY were on the front lines. These legal immigrants were very important during this period of time, and proved their love of America.

FYI: I have no problem with legal immigrants. It is the 73 million illegals that concern me. They send billions to Mexico, don’t pay taxes, and cost taxpayers billions of dollars in various kinds of aid. Did you know there have been MANY people killed by incoming drug dealers from Mexico…
hundreds! I support the new Arizona law. Other countries check incoming peoples. Legal citizens should have more rights than non-citizens.

5 Responses to “Did you know…..”

  1. Jennifer Butler Says:

    Amen to that and keep on telling it like it is!!!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much and I shall try to do just that!

  3. Frannie Says:

    I could not agree more, Marsha. Legal immigrants who become citizens are truly assets to America, but illegal ones just drain our resources. My mantra is “Go legal or go home!”

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I surely agree! We seem to be one of the few countries in the world that allow this to happen.
    I was born in California and this “drain” has been one of the huge contributing factors in our going down the tubes.

  5. angel709 Says:


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