I am remembering after I write to “Relax, it’s just life!”. It does take practice to do so.

I have been doing my homework on something I’d like to share.

First – keep in mind that our senior citizens got no cost of living raise this year. Also a payment is taken out of their monthly social security to pay for a portion of what is covered.
Dental and glasses are not covered.

Now to my major bitch for the day. It really irritates me and is totally ridiculous. Before many people are put into our prisons they hear the phrase, “If you can’t afford an attorney one will be provided for you….” Who do you think pays for these attorneys? Taxpayers.

Our prison system sucks!
Check this out:
1. USA and territories had an incarcerated population of 2,424,279 inmates in 2008 ( two years ago).

There are conflicting numbers on different websites, but an average of almost one hundred and fifty BILLION dollars a year is spent on inmates.

The breakdown is 80% security and MEDICAL (which of course includes regular checkups, dental, vision and surgeries). The remaining 20% is spent on food, clothing, EDUCATION, and administrative issues. Pissed yet?

It costs more to house a “lifer” than a regularly sentenced inmate. We have over 2,270 lifers who were incarcerated as CHILDREN. California alone has almost 700 lifers in prison.

It costs a billion dollars a year to pay for inmates incarcerated on “pot” charges! There are over a million non-violent prisoners – but somehow pedophiles seem to slip between the cracks and get released on a regular basis. Perhaps that’s because prison can be a “living hell” for them as many inmates are parents. Poor pedophiles!

Between 2001 – 2004 the cost of housing illegal immigrants in our prisons was 5.8 BILLION dollars!

Now considering these statistics I have two questions for you.
1. Would you like to pay for a life-time sentence for the woman who just slit and killed her daughter and nearly killed another one? She could get an education, dental work and new eyeglasses.
2. Do you want to pay for illegal immigrants who are incarcerated? They too would get full medical benefits and of course dental, an education…and whoops, I forgot, clothing and food and a place to stay.

My answers are a resounding NO to both. I believe our prison system is breaking us and there is absolute proof that “rehabilitating” our prisoners DOES NOT WORK for the vast majority. There is a 99% probability that a pedophile will repeat his or her offense again and again. As far as other
violations….proven fact the majority repeat crimes – and oftentimes plan them while in prison.

I know a boy who is spending his life in prison (for murder). Incarcerated at 18. His mother told me he reiterated that he’s never gotten such good drugs as he has since he’s been in prison.

Have you seen any of the television interviews with prison “stars”? Manson’s had a few; so has John Gotti, Jr.- actually there are lots of television shows and movies that make prison life seem like a way for offenders to get famous.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THOSE IN CHARGE? Oh, I forgot, it’s a different day – same politics! As a famous television commentator says, “GIVE ME A BREAK!”

Time for me to take the dog for a walk and breathe!

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2 Responses to “Prison”

  1. angel709 Says:

    GREAT BLASTING! You need your own show!!!!

    I love how you end with a dog walk and a breath!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    ahhhhhhhh! You are so kind!

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