Ridiculous things and Good things

I find it ridiculous that our president says things like “I’m ready to kick some ass”, “plug the damn hole”, OR “Ride the herd on BP. Oh I know, he’s “gettin'” down to the peasant level ’cause we’re all pissed! Think he’s ever kicked anybody’s ass or been on a cattle drive?

Also loved it when he said, “This situation is unsustainable. Israel should find another way; Israel needs a better approach to the three year blockade.” (I think this strife between Palestine and Israel has been going on for decade upon decade upon decade…still going on. Then he gave another $400 million in US Aid to Gaza (Isn’t Gaza under Hamas control?). Where does all this money the government is spending come from if we are so far in depth our grandchildren and their children won’t be able to see clearly!

It’s ridiculous that the Catholic Church is going to pay a convicted pedophile $90,000.00 retirement.

Also kind of ridiculous politicians can buy elections. Meg Whitman has already spent $70-91 million dollars of her own money to get the governor’s election won. This election for California’s governor is predicted to be the most expensive one ever.

Next little bitch? The FDA is reviewing a little pill similar to Viagra, only for women. It’s called Flibanserin. The problem? Even the scientists admit they don’t know what is “average” in the sexual drive for women. I heard a physician on a news case how awful it is that pills and “disorders and diseases” are created purely from greed! She said, “What’s the matter with a glass of wine, or a massage?”

Now to the good stuff……..personally, my kids are healthy. Stars still shine and as the earth turns the world is still warmed by the sun. I can still hear kids laughing and see the lovely innocence and truth in their eyes and spirits. Shhhh. Don’t let the younger ones know the turmoil we face.

It’s summer again and that means lots of watermelons available! My husband and my puppy love me even if I am “off the wall” at times! How great is that!

My son and his new wife sent photos of their Sahara Desert Wedding….everything fit beautifully!

And I have the ability and access to write to my heart’s content and make friends via the internet all around the world! I still know God is there and and whatever the horror of the world seems to be now…..this is just a classroom and the best is yet to come!

CREATE a wonderful morning, afternoon, or evening. It is a choice!

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2 Responses to “Ridiculous things and Good things”

  1. angel709 Says:

    Oh the paradoxical world in which we live. You’d be surprised where they’re getting money from…I know it all “seems” very stupid, but I’m a firm believer this is all purposed and designed. But while man purposes in his heart, God continues to use it for HIS higher purpose. Thanks for sharing harsh realities, and then the goodness of God’s grace and creation, we must realize them both.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for understanding so much of my writing! Means the world to me!

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