Here I am again touching on various subjects….

Hope you had a spectacular day! I had a great day up until I passed the womens clinic and saw a group of MEN outside with their stupid “put together” and enlarged photo of an aborted baby.

I wrote about this subject before and I know it’s a touchy one. Yes I am a Christian. No I have never had an abortion. However, I did work in a clinic for six months as someone who held the hand of each woman and tried to relax and help her.

I saw six hundred women – none of whom (all various ages) – would have kept the child had they delivered. Each with her own reason, and her own regret or pain. No one could have talked any one of these woman out of an abortion… would have been coat hangers in an alley had not the clinic been available.

I felt these women deserved to make their own choices and also deserved to have someone support them in their decision, whether I thought it was right or wrong.

These idiots (who by the way, will NEVER carry a child – or not!) sat out there waving at passing cars and smiling. They (my point of view) have no right to say anything as it’s not their choice!

I wrote a contract and entitled it “A declined abortion contract”. Every time I saw people (usually men) outside heckling the women with “baby killer” or some other abuse, I marched out and said : If ANY ONE of you will sign a contract vowing to help a woman with the child – either with money, or as an adopted grandparent, or babysitting, or ANYTHING…you may be able to get one of these women to change her mind.

judging someone with empty words and nothing to back up what can be really done to help just ONE woman!

I believe in Jesus Christ. I don’t believe he would want these men tormenting these women, nor judging them. If it were a husband and he was privately speaking with his wife – different story.

I asked this guy to show me his face if this was what he believed and he was proud of what he was doing. If it were me, I would have done so. He just
said no and kept moving the sign to hide himself. Point the finger but hide behind a piece of cardboard.

If it’s not your business or your body – stay out of it! It says in the Bible,
“each man must choose”.
I have a huge complaint with everyone saying it’s “all of us” Americans that are causing the environmental problems. Pardon me, but it’s big money and big corporations! You decide about plastic. Okay there are millions of plastic bags (most which are not good and are recycled) – WE citizens didn’t put them at the end of the counters in the market and make them available other places.

Check this out. Look at the size of the huge plastic container – then notice how much product was in it when I had just opened it.

Check this out: A thick pill container. Same story. Half the bottle filled.

A different bottle of pills – half full, thick plastic.

This was the hummer of this tiny group of plastics WE DIDN’T design and sell:
Look at the thickness of this:
My husband had to use a saw to cut this in half for me. Not only was the plastic UNBELIEVABLY thick and hard – there was VERY LITTLE product in it for a big amount of money.

Okay now what have they been saying to the peasants? Oh I remember, “Bend over, this won’t take long.”

That’s all for today except to say – GET OUT YOUR FEELINGS. WRITE THEM, TALK THEM, PRAY THEM. Don’t let them rot you from the inside out.
I feel better and now I am going to do a five minute relaxation with some mindful breathing, and then have a great evening!

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3 Responses to “Here I am again touching on various subjects….”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    I’ve been distressed about those huge bottles for pills too.
    Packaging is a real bane of our society.
    And it’s exponential.
    If those pills were packaged in something more appropriately sized, the stores would not need so much space.
    Naysayers will scoff that changing pharmaceutical packaging wouldn’t make that much difference. But it’s not just the pills. So much of our products are packaged in unnecessary packaging.
    Computer packaging is extremely wasteful. Most often it’s done with Styrofoam which we know is not biodegradable – but there are huge chunks of it in printer boxes, fax boxes, computer boxes. And all the memory cards come sandwiched on big plastic cards with the tiny product inside of it – apparently to reduce theft. But there are many other ways of reducing theft without having to package 30 x 20 cm a pop.
    When will we ever learn?

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    The sad part is it’s not your neighbor or mine, nor you or me – it is the giant corporations who have done this, and our say in it is just about zero. I hadn’t even thought about the Styrofoam used! We can all “do our part”, but until the corporations make some big changes we can’t do much about it. I went through the market the other day, up and down isles, and I was sick to see that kind of thing all throughout just one market…

  3. angel709 Says:

    ditto, ditto, ditto!

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