Here’s the deal in my prospective. Big shock, the media shows bias towards the reigning king and his court of czars.

However, please note that I think it very un-presidential to say (and this is not exact, but close enough) -” I can’t go down there and suck up the oil with a straw”.

I also think that the CEO of BP has been cooperative, apologetic and sincerely regrets this tragedy. It was an ACCIDENT. With over three thousand wells in the gulf alone, and over forty years of this type of drilling around the world, it’s a miracle of technology this is the first accident of this magnitude.

So on the ABC World News tonight they reported how terrible it was for Tony Hayward (CEO of BP) to be out yachting off the coast of England. They had reporters show photos to those in the gulf and ask if they thought it was right. Of course they responded with No…well, two people that were shown photos.

It was a BIG deal! However, they did take note, for less than thirty seconds, that the president and biden flew to Andrews Air Force Base for a golf outing with a few “stars”. (Hmmm. Isn’t it amazing all of Hollywood’s normally judgment, and loudmouth stars are silent!)

Didn’t he recently, during the last sixty days, have a big show with Paul McCartney, and do quite a few other activities to “relax”?

I would have run away days ago for a little R & R if I had been Tony Hayward. Why aren’t all these people pointing the finger where it belongs? If it were Bush (and I am not a Bush fan) – all hell would have broken loose by now!

I am going to take a breath and enjoy a movie with my husband. Have a great night and when you awake in the morning find something right away to be grateful for….like being alive!

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  1. angel709 Says:

    (I’m sorry, i’m laughing…..I just don’t feel like being upset I have no more room in my upset box)

    You’re right…Twisted double standards indeed Marsha. Former Pres. Bush fishing in Katrina lakes, Pres. Obama taking tours, blah blah blah…

    but I must admit…maybe we should stop feeling so poor and destitute (I am guilty). I mean we talk about “stress” and relieving it, but then we put our nose to a grind and don’t know how to come up to relax. Nope, i can’t spend tax payers thousands of dollars for a trip…makes me no better than them….but I had better lighten up on the cares of this world, and taking on others’ stress when they are relaxing with a rock band. guilty, guilty, guilty.

    I’m feeling like humorously relating to your “anger in the head” article and addressing a few “government authorities” it may be all I have to feel better until times do.

    p.s. I’m glad your blog got me to writing again! I guess I’ll go re-vent on mine when I’m done here!…Our last shred of expression. 🙂

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    AMEN – “Use it or loose it girl!” . I’ve been going through a slump too, but time to get to gettin’. We’ll begin again together!

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