Women, take a weapon. Doesn’t have to be a gun.

The good people need to be protected too! Smart to carry some sort of weapon – pepper spray, stun gun, big stick, heavy set of keys, pocket knife – whatever!

The kind of world we live in now warrants this preparedness. It’s very sad to me.
My friend and I went kayaking. Off to the lake, picnic in our
hands, paddles, and our life jackets.

We know “all the spots” as we’ve been paddling the local lakes and rivers for over ten years now.

After paddling to a great peninsula, we pulled our kayaks up and set up towels on the shore to eat a bite of lunch. The sun was hot and two brown ducks came to share the time with us. It was relaxing and fun.

My friend stepped into the water to cool down and I had just put my feet in when I heard a car driving up the dirt road adjacent to the peninsula.

We’ve been there before when other people drove to the space to park located behind the bushes and about thirty or forty feet away. No big deal.
We’d like to think we own the lake, but we don’t – we share it with campers and summer residents.

The car engine stopped. I had seen two men when they drove up. Dead silence. Not a word. Not a sound. It was as if they were still sitting in their car, or had quietly gotten out of their car.

My gut level feeling was this was a dangerous situation building. I looked towards the bushes and I saw two men standing there looking over at us. In my heart of hearts I knew it was time to leave-and fast. Neither said a word.
They just stared – and not with smiles as you’d expect someone to have in a recreation area.

I scurried to get the towels and gathered everything in my arms quickly. When I got back to the water I told Jennifer, “It’s time to leave.” She never said a word but took her things from me and we both moved the boats to the water and quietly got in.

As soon as we put our paddles in the water one of the guys, dressed in a T-shirt and slack shorts, came over and said, “We didn’t mean to run you off now.”

As we paddled backwards I saw the other guy still standing in the bushes looking. I hadn’t seen the third guy at all, but Jennifer had. He was peeking out from another place in the bushes.

We paddled backward and the second guy walked over slowly. He looked like (and I hate to judge from outward appearances) one of the sex offenders I’d seen on the police list and photos of offenders. Still he hadn’t said a word. He had a sullen look on his face. Just walked over and looked at us as we made our way out of the cove.

As we left we noted that still there was no conversation that was audible. They stood watching. Not one word. In all the time we’ve been kayaking on this lake, this was the first we ever saw any group of two or more people that was totally silent and serious like this.

I am not easily intimidated. Not at all. But I swear these guys were up to no good. I could feel it in my guts, and actually, my friend had felt it too.

This was the first time I’d been out on the lake or in the woods without some sort of weapon. Basically it is a good idea as there are wild animals and having been beat up more than once in my life – I know some very bad people really exist and are on the loose.

I am one hundred percent positive that no matter how strong and clever my friend and I are three men are stronger….and these guys were up to no good. It was just very obvious they were scoping us out for some reason – and it wasn’t our camp spot or to be good neighbors.

We’ve met lots of decent men and women on the lake and rivers. Never had this feeling before.

What a shame that you have to be “on guard” even in places that should be
free from fearing attack from another human being.

I remember the nurse who was grabbed and murdered over ten years ago on the river-walking trail. Someone grabbed her to the side after only a quarter mile. She was murdered at dusk, less than one hundred yards from the main trail. Her murderer was never caught.

It was a good reminder to be prepared, and to remember this world is accelerating towards more violence every day. You can still enjoy yourself, but when you get a “gut level” feeling…for your own safety, listen to it and act upon it. It is a gift.

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9 Responses to “Women, take a weapon. Doesn’t have to be a gun.”

  1. Joseph Says:

    I came across your blog about 3 hours ago from you leaving a comment on 56 Rebels. I’ve been reading your blog and sense that you are not a big fan of government intruding into people’s lives. How shameful you feel this way. You should read http://www.lewrockwell.com http://www.mises.org and the writings of Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams which can be found on the following links:

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      This is how hatred begins. I love my country. I love people. I am Christian – should I say it is “shameful or disgraceful or dishonorable for you ( I am of course assuming you are Jewish) – for not believing in my Lord as the Savior and the only begotten son of God? Or is that your right and choice? Wouldn’t I be judging you? We have the right to voice our opinions without judgment…that is unless you feel you have that right – then that is your problem! I believe we are not supposed to judge one another, and in the Bible it says, “Each man must choose.”

      This is America and I love and adore my country and my fellow human beings. Very clever to “sense” I am not happy with the government intruding into people’s lives…beyond what is basically necessary – and that cuts a fine line. I have been around long enough to see that it is government officials and politicians that are corrupt – with greed being the number one motivation. I am aware that we need government. All countries need to have government or there would be chaos. I am just disheartened by what I have witnessed over a lifetime.

      The middle class has vaporized, there are more loss of homes, and more job losses – NOT AS THE MEDIA presents to us. The damage will take decades to correct, if it can ever be done.

      I suggest you read all my posts and you will get to know what are the most important topics and who I am. Or you can just stop now and keep judging. I “glanced” at the first two websites as you probably have done mine. Don’t find them appealing enough to stop what I am reading now. I also read some of the last two websites. Actually, interesting and I may read more at some point. Could I ask what you do for a living? Where you reside? And lastly, are you a Jewish gentleman? Just curious.
      In case you wonder about the “weapon” post, I ask you: have you ever been beaten up, had an attempted rape, had your waist length hair pulled out by the roots, threatened with a shotgun or stalked? I have. It tends to make one be on guard just a bit more. I know now, after being totally gullible all my life, that ALL people are not good.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to comment as I can see you are a passionate person and you actually motivated me to respond.

  2. Joseph Says:

    That totally went the opposite way I intended it to go!
    Let’s start over. I did read your posts and agree with you. Those are links that I believe you will enjoy and frequent. I said “How shameful you feel this way” only to provoke you to go to the website. Didn’t want you to think I was a spammer. Anyways, since you did write all that you obviously did not check out the sites, so I will try to explain what they are. lewrockwell.com is a site that everyday they have 10 or so posts. They have around 100 writers/posters/experts in their field (don’t know what to call them). mises.org is a site that promotes Free Market Economics (aka no govt). They have some really good .pdf books on banking and beginners economics that I really enjoyed. Those other two “Jewish” sites are archives of two highly educated economists who follow the Austrian Free Market Economics. Yes it is a Jewish site, yes it promotes ideas for Judaism, but for some reason, they have the best archives that I could find from Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams. If you read their writings, neither promote Judaism. But, like I said…for some reason that’s the best place to find their work. I do apologize for making your blood boil. Please forgive me. Or not…but do go to those websites. And hey, maybe it’ll give you some ideas to write about. By the way, for entertainment value, I like Fred Reed’s articles. You can find him under columnists on lewrockwell.com.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Whoops! NO NO – I apologize to you! I am so sorry for my rather “radical” response….I did totally take you wrong! 🙂 I actually did, for a moment, check the sights out, but really got even more confused as I couldn’t see the connection to what I THOUGHT you had said.
    I feel so silly-really! I appreciate your apology (very nice), and your explanation of the sights, and will bookmark them to check them out in the days to come. By the way, I have nothing against the Jewish and surely do not want you to misinterpret. It is NO excuse, but I had just gotten off the phone with AT&T and discovered that toll free numbers are not actually free – they cost me minutes, even if it’s to AT&T (if it’s a land line.) Hence, my huge cell bill this month, for overage on minutes. I was hot already.

    So again – I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE – Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. There is peace in the valley…..I also gave myself a ten minute relaxation after I shot that email back to you. Friends on line, I hope.

  4. Joseph Says:

    Haha well I’m not Jewish so…
    I just go to that page for the stimulating articles by the 2 authors.

    So even though its a 1-800 number, since you called from you’re cellphone you use your minutes…good to know!

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I shall check it out Joseph. Thanks again for being so sweet!

  6. sanjiwan Says:

    Marsha, don`t be surprised by my surprise visit to your blog. Be relaxed. This chap is back again to have the blessings from you. Anyway, you have come a long way eversince you started blogging -eversince I discovered you… hahhah . More good thoughts and idease have been added to your blog .And particularly this one is amazing.This is a reminder to all those who just think that they are safe even when their instict tells them otherwise. Ofcourse one should listen to the inner voice of warning and act instantly.This is the God given power we often ignore and end up in trouble.

    Thanks for the reminder. I will do it.

  7. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much! It is always wonderful to hear from you, and your kind words are sincerely appreciated. I agree. We are given gifts and power from God and if we fail to
    “listen” we wind up in trouble.

    I think of you often and of course I send many blessings to you via this amazing connection in human spirits. Take care and keep staying true to your heart. I loved Shakespeare’s writing and particularly remember this one: “This above all, to thine own self be true; and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

  8. angel709 Says:

    I appreciate the mature dialogue despite the misunderstanding between you and Joseph. I know with my “wordiness” I’ve been on both sides of that “fense”…offense and defense and all because of misunderstandings. I hate criticism from others (I took out the middle man) and I’m hard on myself, but strong in my convictions…so I can relate to both strong minds here, hats off to BOTH your passions, convictions, and maturity to redirect…refreshing.
    my two cents

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