Wonderful things that happened today!

I got to “begin” all over again from the moment I opened my eyes.

I watched my dog play and splash in the small pool that will keep her cool in the dead heat of the summer. She thought maybe she could snorkel.

Sadly, all she can do is “sip and dip”. But that seems to be GREAT!

The wind blew my hair across my face and I thought how I love to feel the wind through my hair and fly gently touching my back. Another gust. Another moment of pure joy was mine, because, I recognized it as such and reveled in it.

Amazing golden memories of time past and dreams of still of the future.

I remembered no one is in more power of my life than I am.

I had a toaster, and a coffee pot to use, and the use of an inside toilet and a cell phone.

My husband still loves me.
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