The TRUTH about ILLEGAL border crossing

I could not resist posting this as it pinpoints the problem. My son spent two years legally getting his Filipino
wife into the country – for all those who do it legally, the illegals are making a mockery of them. Bravo to
Arizona’s governor. It’s only right to “check” questionable people. Do not know the author, but I checked and the information is correct. Self-explanatory.
Subject: US Versus Them–Border Crossing

If you cross the North Korean border illegally: you get 12 years hard labor.

If you cross the Iranian border illegally: you are detained indefinitely.

If you cross the Afghan border illegally: you get shot.

If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally: you will be jailed.

If you cross the Chinese border illegally: you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally: you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

If you cross the Cuban border illegally: you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get:

* a job
* a drivers license
* social security card
* welfare
* food stamps
* credit cards
* subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
* free education
* free health care
* a lobbyist in Washington
* billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language
* the right to carry your country’s flag while you protest that you don’t get enough respect
* and, in many instances, you can vote

COME ON NOW – admit we need to do something – you think?

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21 Responses to “The TRUTH about ILLEGAL border crossing”

  1. justdc Says:


  2. Jennifer Butler Says:

    We are waking up but are our leaders who continue to pass legislation to protect them? I’m fed up, unemployed, underpaid when I am employed and forced to learn a language that I have no reason to learn. Come on folks, It’s our right to have what our forefathers fought for, Are we seriously going to let it all vanish?

  3. Marsha O'Brien Says:

    Great question….It would be a sin to loose America as it was created to be!
    So many people are overwhelmed, underpaid or unemployed…the list goes on. Thanks for input Jennifer! Something has to be done.

  4. J.P. Douglas Says:

    Great post Marsha! Very true. But for pointing that out, “your the bad guy”. I’m all for immigration but it’s got to be LEGAL not illegal. I guess you read my post about the banks and the drug trade. You can see why they want a wide open border. More profits for them. They don’t have to live in the same neighborhoods as them. They go off to their gated community and tell all the liberal friends how messed up we are… it’s tragic but people are waking up and they are behind the Arizona immigration law which is a good sign.

  5. marsha o'brien Says:

    Yes I did read your post about the banks and drug trade. No wonder is right! The point you make about the “gated community” is so true! We, as commoners, do not have that advantage, nor security “provided” when you are in any government service. I am happy, too, for at least one good sign!

  6. angel709 Says:

    Excellent post and I agree with JP Douglas, to speak out means “You’re the bad guy”. We’re becoming so “politically correct” and giving people rights that are illegally here and breaking other “rights” (the country’s law on immigration). There should be a fair, humane way to send the message that boundaries will be respected. Heck, let me “trespass” on my neighbor’s lawn and I could “legally” be shot! Now that’s not the route I’m suggesting, merely an observation of how twisted our laws have become.

    We feel the effects (job loss, etc), but as a whole are too busy desperately trying to save the last bit resources by other means rather than “plug the holes” and fix the problem for the long term.

  7. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Amen Angel. Twisted is right. The good guys seem to be coming in last – good thing we know this isn’t the final exit! True too about being so busy just trying to survive.

  8. mary Says:

    Sorry, but now you’ve got me started. Unfortunately, forwarding this right-wing propaganda only contributes to the truly frightening ignorance of the average American. The only way I can justify this list is by adding my response. The bottom line is, NO!–whoever compiled this list does NOT have it right. In fact, it’s an insult to the intelligence of any informed, thinking, fair-minded person. Not to mention the fact that it’s anti-American.

    In the first place, which one of those countries would you want us to emulate? North Korea? China? I always thought we were proud to be American because we stand for decent treatment of the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Or have the tea-baggers dumped the Statue of Liberty into the East River along with the Constitution and Bill of Rights they claim to revere?

    In the second place, most of the items on the list of “what you get” if you cross the US/Mexican border are either grossly exaggerated or blatant lies, no matter how many times the the lies are repeated. Immigrants historically tend to give more than they take from this country. If my Mexican and Norwegian grandparents hadn’t crossed the border, my parents wouldn’t have formed a life-long partnership that contributed generously to this country. Oh and also, I wouldn’t exist. How about you? Do your roots date back to the Mayflower? The Revolution? Sorry, not good enough.

    In the third place, the United States was founded on immigration. The concept of illegal immigration was introduced fairly recently by rich, powerful white men. They love making up new rules to suit their own narrow, selfish purposes. At any rate, we are a nation of immigrants, who arrived uninvited by the indigenous people. I guess that makes most of us unwelcome “aliens.”

    Let’s try to remember that the Mexican “border” extended all the way up to Oregon until European immigrants took it by violent force (rape, plunder and pillage), also fairly recently. The white, European alien marauders believed it was their entitlement, because of a magical, mystifying belief in their own superiority.

    By the way, they also gave themselves permission to define the meaning of “superior,” and in my opinion that hasn’t worked out so well. Unbroken centuries of “superior” white male rule have created a 21st century mess for the planet and most of its inhabitants. Heck-of-a-job, Brownie!

    Maybe, for the sake of our collective national soul, we should try feeling a little humility for a change. Didn’t George W brag about America being a “humble nation?” We’d be much better off (also more “Christian”) if that were true. But let’s get to the heart of the matter.

    Is anyone demanding that we build a wall at the Canadian border? Would we be so ferociously quick to demonize these nasty illegal aliens if they had white skin and blue eyes? I doubt it. I think, truth be told, their major “crime” is the color of their skin, and oh-by-the-way-how-dare-they-speak-any-language-other-than-English?

    History proves that the children of immigrants quickly assimilate and embrace our language and culture. That’s what my Wisconsin-born Mexican father did, in spite of the deck that was stacked against him. Can we agree that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Should he have been treated like an “anchor baby” and tossed out when he was in his teens? How many generations back should we go to enforce our immigration laws?

    It’s not that I favor illegal immigration. I just believe that it should be handled with a humane, rational approach instead of lies, blind fear and bigotry. What we’re doing now stinks to high heaven of pre-Hitler Germany.

    In the fourth place, most people would stop crossing the border illegally if American CEOs would stop employing them. If we really wanted to stop illegal immigration, we would start prosecuting and jailing illegal employers. That would be one example of a rational strategy. Instead of wasting millions of tax dollars rounding up poor, desperate people and building useless, embarrassing fences, we could throw two or three fat cats in prison, and the “problem” would be solved. Finished. Over.

    But we’ll never do that, because the sleazy corporate overlords who control big chunks of our government (look up “fascism” in your dictionary). They pour millions into lobbying and campaign contributions, and demand a never-ending supply of cheap, powerless (i.e. non-union) labor. They refuse to pay a living wage or provide humane working conditions, even though the cost of doing so would only increase the consumer’s cost by a couple of pennies per item. They exploit undocumented labor, and then turn around and exploit it again with their filthy propaganda, tricking the ignorant and bigoted among us to blame the brown people. That’s so we don’t look past their “illegal alien” smokescreen to see the real enemy of the people, themselves!

    In the fifth place, in hard times, scapegoating by spreading lies and hate always works very well for right-wing power elites and their neo-Nazi enforcers. Currently they have media outlets like Fox News, and sociopathic freaks like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh to carry out their psy ops campaign. They need to turn us against each other in order to hoard all the wealth and power for themselves, so they dupe angry, fearful tea-baggers to bully and terrorize us into acting against our own best interests.

    Anyone who bothers to study history will recognize the old, familiar pattern. Divide (over non-issues like skin-color, immigration status, political beliefs, sexual orientation, religion) and Conquer (grab all the wealth and power for a tiny few on the top). That’s quite simply anti-American, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be fooled again.

    The last few times we did that led to the Great Depression, the McCarthy era, and the continuing backlash against equality and civil rights for women and minorities. At what point is enough enough? Even deporting every last undocumented immigrant won’t stop the greed or save America.

    The endlessly greedy rich and powerful elite barricade themselves in their gated communities, stuff their pockets, and laugh while we terrorize and kill each other over the crumbs. Hitler built power by turning ordinary Germans against the “other.” Back then it was Jews, gypsies and homosexuals. Now it’s brown people. For Joe McCarthy it was phantom socialists and communists lurking behind every bush. He had us turning against friends, family, colleagues and neighbors until someone finally stood up against him. “At long last, sir, have you no shame?”. Sad to say, in our own era, there appears to be no shame.

    Did you know the top 2% now claim over 20% of the total income? That’s up from 6% only a decade or so ago. The rich are getting richer faster than ever. The rest of us, not so much. Over the same period, average workers have seen their wages go flat or down (adjusting for inflation). We’ve been encouraged to live off credit cards and/or borrow against the “value” of our homes. That’s another game that was being rigged against us all along. Who gave us the idea that our homes would always go up in value? The immigrants?

    Instead of getting raises (even as productivity increased) we maintained our standard of living by going into debt. We are now a nation of wage slaves, terrified of losing our jobs, homes and retirement savings. The rich were busy rigging the game and buying politicians while we lived in a fools’ paradise, unaware that our democracy was unravelling and the economic rug was being pulled out from under us with every second mortgage and maxed-out credit card. Now they want us to blame the bean-pickers? I don’t think so. I’m not that stupid, and don’t believe you are, either.

    By now it should be obvious to everyone that we’re being played, but our 30-second attention spans can’t handle anything more complex than sound bites and lists (with childish cartoons and giant print). We’re gulping the swill of misleading, hate-mongering talking points for the terrified.

    God forbid that we should employ our critical thinking skills to understand and solve our problems. Instead, too many of us behave like paranoid zombies or adolescent bullies, reacting mindlessly to the manipulation of our reptilian brain stems. This isn’t the “home of the brave,” it’s the sorry spectacle of a crazed mob.

    If we don’t wake up, we’ll be stampeded over the cliff, accompanied by a soundtrack of American Taliban/Tea-baggers shrieking, “He hasn’t produced his birth certificate! Drive out the brown people! Kill the liberal college professors! Down with science!” I’m telling you, this is not the way an advanced civilization behaves.

    Fascism happens when governments are taken over by corporations. At this perilous point in our history, that’s our real enemy. While too many of us foolishly blame the poor and powerless who pick our fruits and vegetables and clean the homes of million/billionaires, the top 2% are raking it in. They reward themselves with tax breaks and bonuses for downsizing and shipping jobs overseas, and squeal like stuck pigs at the thought of paying their fair share. Where is their pledge of allegiance to the United States of America? They’ve proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they care only about feeding their own insatiable greed.

    Look it up. From Eisenhower to Reagan, the top tax bracket ranged between 90-70%. Any honest economist will tell you that there were no problems with job creation; we had virtually no boom and bust cycles of any importance; the economy was healthy and strong; the middle class was thriving; and the rich were thriving too. Now they’re threatening to hold their breath till they turn blue if we let the Bush tax cuts expire and they go back to paying 39%. Give me a break!

    Before you mention the hackneyed “class warfare” talking point, name one person ever born who is worth $65,000 an hour. That’s what some of these greedy creeps are making, as a reward for running our economy into the ground! Class warfare has been waged against 98% of us for the past 30 years, ever since Reagan started undoing the New Deal by dismantling the regulatory structure, unions and the middle class. Simultaneously, he turned us against our own government–the only thing standing between us and total corporate control. When’s the last time we successfully held a corporate kingpin accountable? Try voting one of them out of office, much less confronting one at a town hall rally.

    So who’s waging class warfare, and who’s losing? Why it’s We the People, who have been literally brainwashed into worshipping Holy, Almighty Free-Market Capitalism. The oligarchs have succeeded in making us believe that unaccountable, unregulated Capitalism=Democracy and Freedom. How sick is that? Amazingly, Wall Street’s marketing (psy ops) team has figured out a way to turn some of us into tea party terrorists, and too many of our “representatives” quake in fear of corporate Masters of the Universe.

    Over the past 30 years, the biggest economic threat has been our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Jimmy Carter was ridiculed and driven from office for trying to convince us to do something about it. Then came Reagan (who arrogantly and ignorantly tore Carter’s solar panels off the White House roof), and the Bush’s, who made love to the same Saudi oil sheiks who gave us Bin Laden and most of the 9/11 high-jackers. Have you ever wondered why we invaded Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia?

    The Bushies also adored Saddam Hussein, until he was no longer useful to Dick Cheney and his gang of corporate thugs from Halliburton. They lied us into an illegal, unnecessary, disastrous war, and sacrificed our national security by playing into the hands of Bin Laden. We did exactly what he wanted us to do by transforming him into an all-powerful boogie man instead of the small-time thug he was until 9-11. Even Rumsfeld the war criminal admitted that we provided a recruitment tool for Al Qaeda, and we’re creating more terrorists than we’re killing.

  9. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    My goodness, I surely inspired you to share your thoughts didn’t I! I have no problem with anyone stating their own personal opinions and thoughts. May I ask you a couple of questions before I fully respond to your lengthy (and welcome) comments? What state do you live in?
    Could you kindly tell me your age group? Obviously you are a person with education – could you share that background,and your major areas of study.

    You are obviously liberal, of Mexican heritage, and seem to have some prejudice against white people. If you don’t mind answering the questions above I would love to respond to your comments.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts…I do agree with quite a bit you have shared with us!

  10. mary Says:

    To answer your questions, i am in my 60’s and live in Arizona. I am a college graduate and continue my education with web courses, reading and much research in the truths. My Mexican heritage goes back a couple generations and really has nothing to do with the truth. I would feel the same if I were of Italian heritage. I consider myself a white person and have no prejudices against white. Yes, I am liberal and free to think and feel the truths from within. Not those expressed through churches or political figures. I guess my strongest objection is against Corporations.

    The point is, corporate power has corrupted our economic and political systems, and needs to be taken down. America needs to wake up, but not to the threat of immigrants with brown skin. The real threat is corporate control of everything.

    Billionaires are funding phony astro-turf organizations of confused, angry, ignorant tea-baggers to fight their battles for them. Yup, now we’ve got our own American Taliban, showing up at political rallies brandishing guns, violent rhetoric and threatening, hate-drenched signs. Nice war on terror, huh?

    To me it feels and smells like a return to McCarthyism, the John Birchers, and the KKK. Oh, hell. Let’s toss Hitler (Glenn Beck?) in for good measure. It’s disgusting, and makes me ashamed of us as a nation. I want us to be better than the lowest common denominator, but it’s looking more and more like we’re not.

    Our founders used idealism, rational thought and enlightenment philosophy to move us beyond the rule of monarchs, tyrants and oligarchs. But now we seem to be going backward, hell-bent on aiding and abetting a fascist, neo-feudalist system comprised of a royal class, a peasant class, and nothing in between.

    Maybe those who believed in humanity’s capacity for self-government put too much faith in mere humans. Maybe it’s just that the United States is too immature as a nation, and it will be up to more mature societies in Europe, Scandinavia, and even South America to lead the way. We’ll soon find out whether we’re worthy of being the standard-bearers for the American ideal, or just a pack of ignorant, testosterone-driven adolescents. The mid-terms will make it clear which fork in the road we will choose. The Republicans have promised to turn us over to the profit-mongers lock, stock and barrel. Will we deliver ourselves over to the tender mercies of the Republicans?

    Next time, send me a list of what we can do to crush Wall Street’s war against democracy, the middle class, and everything we the people used to be proud of, like Truth, Justice and the American way. We’ve never quite lived up to our ideals, but our founders recognized that we were a work in progress. Lincoln inspired us to “strive toward a more perfect union.” Instead, we’re allowing ourselves to be divided and work against the common good in order to protect the top 2%! It’s tragic.

    If you don’t have time to research the truth, go see “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” Listen to Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life series on what happened to our financial system. Educate yourself with something better than Fox News and forwarded right-wing talking points. Then you’ll know who to blame for the mess we’re in. Hint: It’s not poor brown people.

  11. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to understand where you are coming from in this discussion. FYI (in case you are interested) – I am in my 60’s, was born in Southern California, and now live in Northern California. I am college educated, but will always continue with classes and study anything I can get my hands and eyes on. I am curious and want to “know”…and the more I learn the more I realize how little I really know!

    I am basically a political atheist; I think most politicians wind up being liars.
    Remember the saying “Power corrupts-absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    I concur. I guess you could call me a conservative liberal, and I too am grateful to think and choose what I believe.

    Glad to hear you have no prejudices against whites. Some of my favorite neighbors are an American Indian woman and an American Mexican man!

    I really think NO ONE can choose how they look or what color they may be. The important thing is we are all humans on this shared planet. I do believe whatever our heritage we should be place American before it. I
    am an American mutt, but am proudest of my Cherokee and Scottish heritage.

    Corporate power and banks have nearly destroyed America. I totally agree.

    I don’t think people who are concerned about the illegal immigrants are concerned because of the brown skin. I believe it is the concentration of illegal drugs being brought in, and the violence happening in Mexico that is coming northward. It is also the fact that in California, feeding, housing, medical treatment, and welfare money going to take care of these people is a huge factor in breaking our state financially.

    Southern California has changed so much since I lived there. I know many who come in are poor and hunger for change, but I saw what was the illegals come in and change the area.

    I used to be able to hike in the mountains around where I live, and I cannot do that anymore. There are Mexicans with weapons everywhere growing pot. This is not hype. This is what I see and what is really happening. Whether it is drug cartels or individuals, it is a serious problem.

    My son spent two years LEGALLY getting his wife to be able to live in America. She cannot get “any” assistance for anything – it is my son’s responsibility. My husband has to work out of town to eek out our existence, and part of his check pays for the recipients of all those needing help. We get no help. Check out the financial statistics in California, if you care to do so.

    The truth means “in accordance with reality”. The problem therein, is that the perspective of each human – according to his education, environment, financial position, and background – create what proves to be truth in his / or her mind.

    You know what I mean. Some people say there is no proof that God exists; therefore He doesn’t. I see proof all around me, and for me, God is the truth…my reality.

    I do think you are really judgmental about calling the tea-baggers ignorant, and you are wrong about the guns, and violent rhetoric, as far as I know. Every gathering I’ve heard of has been extremely peaceful.

    I blame a lot of the economic woes on the liberals for passing bills the majority do not want (like health care) – that is going to bite us in the ass. I had hope for obama-but he is just a champion in Harvard debate. He was bought and paid for by unions, corporations and banks.

    Have you ever traveled to other countries and seen their governments in action? I have. It’s not a pretty picture. I have been two thousand miles into So. America, lived in different areas in Asia, have traveled in Canada and other countries. I have English friends who say the healthcare is corrupt and terrible – and it leans towards what has just been passed in America. My Canadian friends say their system sucks. So I doubt we can learn from other countries.

    Kind of enjoyed our exchange of thoughts right up to the last paragraph you wrote. You don’t know who I am. You don’t know what I deeply believe, or if I even watch television. How presumptious of you to assume I need to search for the TRUTH…..Nasty doesn’t cut it with me.

    Poor white people, poor brown people, poor black people, poor all people who WORK HARD and follow the laws, only to have the money they earn stolen by the government, corporations, and people who refuse to be honorable and take what they haven’t earned!

    I still stand by my original belief – having been a native of California all my life, I have seen devastating changes because of the influx of illegals from Mexico. I still believe EVERYONE is welcome to America, but you don’t come to America and BREAK THE LAW upon crossing the border….and by the way, my facts were correct.

    Would probably be best if you read a blog now that agrees with your truth. I have get off the computer to live my truth. Have a great life! Peace on you.

  12. mary Says:

    For a moment there, I was under the impression we would be engaged in an intelligent conversation, which is why I was happy to respond to your first reply. I apologize if I offended you, which certainly was not my intention. Opposing arguments is where the ballot box comes in, but also negotiations and possible fair answers.

    I know we are having problems with illegal border crossings and a law to protect us from the drug cartells, etc. I know we had the same problems when the Itallian mafias infiltrated America. We don’t take it upon ourselves to hate all Itallians and rid the US of them. We found answers and it didn’t happen overnight. Look at the problems with prohibition and how long it took us to find answers there.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      “I thought we were engaged in an intelligent conversation” – for sure that is a way to begin a conversation with me being a bit put-off…you indicate now, I am not responding intelligently with that opening. Perhaps you don’t mean it that way, and since you apologized (which I did not expect) I accept it was not your intention to offend me at all. I sincerely appreciate you trying to offer up peace between us, and yes, the ballot box comes in so we can voice our choices. So I offer peace to you in return.

      The difference with the Italian mafia is that millions of illegal Italians did not come across the border; nor did they take any financial help that legal citizens work hard to provide. I hope and pray there will be answers to this problem, but the problems are getting worse and worse on a daily basis. It’s not just one illegal alien…’s an entire family with four or five children, and forty relatives. Multiply that times hundreds a day.

      Regarding alcohol – that’s another complaint of mine. I think it is the most dangerous drug on the market and to tell you the truth I believe it would be far less harmful that pot.
      It is out of control with young people and changes their souls when they get drunk. Never seen a violent person that was stoned. Anyway…..

      I do understand wanting to escape a terrible situation to come to a better life. But for those of us in California who can hardly meet our bills, keep our homes, nor have any medical help or help with food and utilities, it is disgruntling to see our state paying so much for illegals, as taxpaying citizens really pay, and when we are born here and have worked every single day of our lives-taking nothing for “free”, it sticks hard in the throat to swallow we are paying for those illegally here.. Truly, any other country would have a problem with this – as a matter of fact, check out my last post (if you like).

      In my heart of hearts – I believe within some years the USA will be Mex-America anyway. If we had ANY surplus we would always share, but for the many who hardly can feed their own children there is a growing resentment for “law-breakers” of this type.

      I don’t think it has anything to do with being “Mexican.” If it was the same problem with illegal Canadians I think it would have the same response. It’s just that there are millions who are taking advantage and in trying to escape their life, they are changing ours, and not for the better.

      Peace on US for communicating and not brandishing swords with nasty words and resentments. Have a wonderful evening and God bless you and your family.

  13. mary Says:

    I just moved here from California and my biggest complaint was not the Mexicans. My husband worked for the state and I am appauled at the wasting of our taxpayer’s money. Did you know each prison there has at least 15 wardens x how many prisons? Did you know our legislators earn perdium every day the budget is not passed? Did you know that amounts to approximately $200 per day along with their free cars and food. Did you know there are contracts that they are still working on from years back and still making their paychecks cashable? Do you have any idea what benefits our prisoners receive that legal residents don’t receive? Do you have any concept of how much money is being wasted on waste?

    Thank you for the blessings. Thank God we are blessed. Not with any extra, just with a very modest retirement, my social security and medicare. I don’t know where we would be without those handouts. We live in a retirement community and so many of us would be lost without the government handouts.

  14. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Yes, I thank God every day for all the blessings we take for granted. The prisons are a very sore spot with me. As a matter of fact I wrote about it on one of my posts. It just jerks me the wrong way to see my husband killing himself trying to make ends meet, and prisoners getting time to go to college, work out, 3 square meets, medical, dental and vision, and my friend’s son said he’s had the best drugs ever since he’s been in prison! I concur that is a huge problem.

    The major areas of problem with illegals is from San Diego to LA and many parts north now.
    Did you hear that medicare will not get a cost of living raise next year? The second year in a row! Now that’s a sin to me, and yet some prisoners will be taken care of for life. If I am correct, medicare doesn’t cover eyes, teeth or glasses….also a joke! I will keep praying and keep on trying to stick to what is right and keep a positive attitude-this world will not overcome my living soul! Have a wonderful week and thanks for taking time to comment.

  15. Jesus Christ Says:

    Why are you all so dumb?

  16. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    So share with us your resolve………and by the way, there is only ONE Jesus Christ.

  17. James Says:

    Dear Brethren in the Cause of Purification:

    I firmly believe that there is something fundamentally good about this country. Ask any African American on Death Row and he will agree.

    Therefore, the one thing we have to do right away is to build that endless fence across the country, and place expert riflemen at all the strategic entry points.

    Their assignment: Take the kids out first before they apply for citizenship. Then the lazy fat husbands, uncles, grandfathers who should be easy targets.

    As for the women and girls, eliminate the old, the feeble, the ugly. Once these pig-whores are down for the count, come in with armed vehicles and round up the cute ones. Ship them to Huston, Tucson, where they will be strongly encouraged to provide “entertainment services” to caring Arizona politicians. Of course, once they are no longer cute, deport them back along with any children born out of wedlock here in trucks in the middle of the night.

    That should do the trick, don’t you think?

    At the same time, we can develop a gang of recruiters to scout out strong backs throughout Latin American, take them by the truck load back to the giant columbine farms. Once there and housed in barracks, pay them much less than the minimum wage, lock them up at night, and excavate huge pits on ranches in west Texas for mass extermination once the season is over.

    I want to publish this modest proposal in the newsletters of those “Progressive,” Arab-loving, cocksuckers who should be treated in the same way as illegal immigrants above.

    So did I get it correct?

    • marsha o'brien Says:

      Good Lord where did you get for the Cause of Purification? That’s not what the post was all about.

      First I will ask you, why would the African American be on death row? And why African…there are all colors that wind up on death row.

      I think it’s too late to build the endless fence, and my post was NOT about killing anyone….particularly children. I have 3 children and almost 8 grandchildren (one still in the tummy.) I love children.

      I have NO PROBLEM with citizenship for LEGAL immigrants. I have a daughter from the Philippines who spent over 2 years getting a green card, and is now a citizen of the USA. She did it legally.

      I have another daughter who is from Morocco and is getting her passport to come to the
      United States…she is doing it legally.

      Do you have a problem with old, ugly and feeble people? I certainly don’t. We have NO CHOICE if we are born pretty or ugly…and what is ugly anyway? Beauty comes from within. I cared for my elderly mama and adore old people. As far as feeble, anyone who needs help and is within my reach, will get it……EVEN ILLEGAL ALIENS!

      Are you a Mexican? If so why would you even indicate the “cute ones” would be round up and used in such a terrible way. I don’t even think legal prostitution is right, and it certainly offends me that ANY young woman would be used or abused. I would fight for them. WE ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS…..but the majority have come into the country working hard to attain citizenship. They also have worked to learn the English language-which is the national language of the USA.

      My God, do you not understand, NO ONE I know has a problem with legal immigrants!
      And I do understand someone wanting to escape poverty…I’ve been there. I understand wanting better things for your family and self, but not in a criminal manner. Not taking
      hard earned money (in the form of taxes) to pay for their livelihoods. My husband has
      worked out of town over the years, and pays for two residences, just to break even.
      He works from paycheck to paycheck. He also works with Mexican nationals who are legal, and he says they are some of the hardest workers, and the nicest folks he’s ever met.

      Extermination? This is America. Those immigrants who are LEGAL and have taken
      the right way in…..are welcomed. There are 11 million who are illegal, and I will
      bet the only extermination to any of the “ones who didn’t make it” was done by those creepsthat stuffed illegals into vans and left the vans to fry in the desert. Those coyotes
      (I think that’s right) are Mexicans, for heavens sake! We have also seen such an increase in violence because of the drug cartels. It’s frightening.

      You just don’t get it. If we welcomed lawbreakers there would be no reason for laws at all!

      I have NO PROBLEM with feeding and helping the children……’s not their faults!
      But I do have a problem with a tentative law that pays for illegal adults educations in college. My three children paid for their own.

      Take a breath once in a while and remember it’s all in God’s hands anyway-no matter
      how we fight or disagree about “points of view” – I will pray for your peace James.
      Life is too short to be so angry.

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