May you think in order to be happier, you need more than you have right now – more money, more love, more freedom, more friends, etc. etc. etc. Simply by thinking in these terms, you may be downsizing your sense of well being, and your own happiness!

Admittedly, evidence shows that genetics contribute to about fifty percent of your happiness set point. However, that is a far cry from one hundred percent.

If you want less stress and you want to be happier, you must do two things. You must make a commitment and an effort (as with any meaningful goal in life). Maybe you won’t go to to a “ten” in happiness, but you surely will become happier!

Many people think stress takes happiness away. It does. So what do you do? You change your attitude and expect happiness to be headed your direction – no matter what!

Happiness is not a lover (though that does add to happiness).
It is not marriage, money, or a new destination. These things contribute to your happiness, but not nearly as much as you might think.

Lasting happiness has more to do with simply racking up pleasure experiences or material things…it has more to do with how you behave and think – and these things ultimately
control more than many of life’s circumstances.

Here’s an idea: help someone else by volunteering or being kind, or generous with your actions. There is a report of feelings called a “helper’s high” and many people who follow this path even find an alleviation of aches and pains.

Diversion from your own stress and pain can truly add to your happiness. If you can do something to help someone else, your happiness will accelerate.

In finding that “joy of giving”, you will find your stress diminishing. Part of the problem with stress is that is you pay attention to it; let you get overwhelmed with it, it will get worse!

Do something that is meaningful to you. If you do, the activity can promote a sense of gratitude, connectedness, forgiveness or optimism. If what you do means something to you it will be most successful.

If you want to be happy schedule time to do something outside of your own “self-needs”. Assess your strengths and develop practices that are best used for these endeavors.

Something as simple as a call to express love, or saying thank you with a robust feeling behind it, will begin the new journey.

Always you must use your oxygen. Because it is the number one stress management technique to use.

Take a breath. Think about this. Do something fun this week. Take the family for a swim!

CREATE “Happy” in your own world! It’s contagious…watch the reaction when others see you happy!

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2 Responses to “GET HAPPY!”

  1. angel709 Says:

    Okay if I had just read this one FIRST, I could’ve saved myself the “days in the pit” response! I just wrote this stuff on your other blog’s response! lol…too funny! I’m on a roll today. This is my contribution to life since I’m homebound and don’t want to move too much and get hungry! I’ll share with others via your blog! 😉

    Yep, feel better already!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    My great fortune!

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