Who is REALLY the “black” person?

You tell me. I have no problem with black / or white – I just wonder why obama can’t just say – “hey, I represent two peoples – the blacks and the whites”…oh sure. I
just forgot his 20 years of “church” training.

Did you read this article? Elena Kagan tied to Obama’s birth certificate……
– think there is a reason she was selected?

I have no problem with “personal choice” – but my bitch about the overturning of proposition 8 in Ca. and the Arizona law is this: Do the voters no longer count?
The judge in Ca. is openly gay. His verdict went against TWO individual votes on the proposition wherein millions of voters decided NO! The majority of Arizona’s LEGAL citizens are for the checking of those that might be here illegally.

So many countries in the world ABSOLUTELY won’t let you step into the country without checking…..a terrorist can now just go to Mexico and enter illegally.

Next – This week 19,000 more filed for unemployment. Over 40 million unemployed and foreclosures still increasing and obama’s wife takes a trip that costs the taxpayers about $75,000.00 just for the plane. Add in security, etc.etc.etc. and poor taxpayers are footing the bill. Can’t find out if she’s paying for the 40 close friends that are with her.

Did you know mortgage rates have dropped to 4.4 percent? We tried to refinance but with excellent credit, and not being behind in payments – the best we could find was
5.6 percent and a $4,000.00 fee.

China is working on a bomb that can be sent from land and directed to a carrier, and will penetrate the entire ship – thus sinking it. This is really in the working and a real concern….but along with suitcase nukes, terrorists allowed in with a red carpet, economic woes – social security working in the red, and cuts coming for medicare,
what difference does it make.

I heard one state has declined obama health care and is talking about seceding from the Union. Meanwhile obama continues his touring and what?

I think the only thing we have control over is our power to pray (I’m praying for the sweltering heat to drop for the scorching souls living in it)- and our power to stay positive and keep the world around us upright and honest. Don’t forget to keep the love alive!

Did you hear social security will be running in the red for a few years? I want to know what happened to the money that has been collected every payday from citizens.

I feel better. How about you?

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4 Responses to “Who is REALLY the “black” person?”

  1. mommemau2 Says:

    I too wonder who is black. I had a great great grandmother, Creek indian with black curly hair. The indian people thought it a great honor to conceive a child with the “Buffalo People.” Most black people here in America, when DNA is ran are percentage white. What is this race thing about. Are we not all americans?

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH – You remind me of what is most important. Yes, we are Americans first! I have such a mix within me, I am rather a melting pot of races myself, as most of us are. I am a bit nervous right now as I think the pot is being stirred to become a racial mess again, when really, we are a nation of all the peoples of the world. Americans first.

  3. angel709 Says:

    I’m out of the loop of the details of the “black” issue–but plain and simple we’re all mutt babies. I can agree to the statement that We WILL ALWAYS MAINTAIN THE RIGHT TO PRAY as it is spiritual and untouchable. God promised us that things will worsen in the world, but I believe will become better for Believers as we rise above this chaotic mess with faith and unity–even those who are not of our personal faith. We all bleed red and know a hungry belly even if for a few hours or days. I won’t go into the stories of those who are truly starving.

    Obama doesn’t have the answer no more than the next man or woman after him, nor of those that preceded. The answer lies upon our bended knees and hearts of humility as individuals towards God, and then collectively come together as one nation under God like we so pledge. When we see upper governmental injustice we must take our God-given right and American right to form a voice of unity and be heard with our dollars and votes. When the judge overrode the decision “we as a people” should not stop. Collectively, if we stop taking the pleasures and conveniences of “man” and withhold a dollar long enough to get their attention, I believe we’ll get a worthy response. I’ll be first to admit, I have excused myself from much of the world politics and many of the injustices that are shared but not acted upon. For the most part I sincerely plan to come off the grid and wean my vulnerability from governmental and institutional dependency. I still believe there is a job for me to do when I achieve this goal but the first is for me to gain my power back as an individual.

    We see the staggering numbers of far too many people out here without a job for us not to network and start sustaining ourselves. Where is the money going? I think we know. The question is, will we continue to report, shake our heads and be victims as Americans? I pray not… We do have options. When it comes to our basic needs, color doesn’t matter. Hunger is hunger, hopelessness feels the same when threatened or worse yet, living with foreclosure. We must not forget the 80/20 principle…at least 80% of us are supporting the upper 20% of the wealthy..with that being said, we are not victims but have become volunteers.

    Yep, I feel a little better! Thanks for the post and rattling my cage…maybe this is why I’m still unemployed! 😉

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Great response and comments. Color doesn’t matter. We are all humans and as you say, we can all feel the sting of an empty belly, and we all bleed – and cry, and hopefully love and laugh.

    So much fuss is made about race and the truth is we are all the same race-the human race!
    How simple is that!

    “We must not forget the 80/20 principle…at least 80% of us are supporting the upper 20% of the wealthy..with that being said, we are not victims but have become volunteers.”

    I never heard this before but it is the absolute truth. You rattle my cage too sweetheart.
    Hug your kiddos for me!

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