Why do you need a reason to live?


Don’t you think it’s difficult sometimes to quantify why you are here on planet earth? I know I’ve found it difficult many times. Perhaps you’ve thought:

“It’s just not worth the trouble.”
“My kids are raised, my life means nothing.”
“My husband and I split up and I will never find my dreams.”
“I am getting old and hurt every day. There is no future for me.”
“I am a looser.”

Well, I call BS and say STOP THE PITY PARTY. I’ve been there!
I’ve been “there” many times – more times than I care to remember. I’ve been on the edge, without hope, without purpose, alone, overwhelmed with life in general.

Guess what? I’m still here! I just flatly decided a long time ago I am stronger than to give in to life of the influences of circumstances…even circumstances I helped create.

I admit my faith has been an abiding factor in my recovery – but just to let you know, I HAVEN’T ALWAYS had my faith to pull me up by the bootstraps. Sometimes I’ve had an “empty cup” and had to remember I am human, and human kind are built for endurance.

So what if you’ve lost everything you ever worked for SO FAR….I’ve done that too! Mama always said, “Material things come and go…” Guess what? THEY DO!

Pinch yourself. It hurts doesn’t it? So stop inflicting unnecessary pain to yourself. It’s difficult enough to rise above circumstance; don’t add to your own challenges.

If you are breathing, if you are thinking, if you are reading and using your hands to type – if you are alive – you still have the chance to find HAPPINESS.

The secret is, it comes from within YOU! As you think, so shall you be. No matter what the circumstance, there is always a path to travel. That path, ultimately, is of your own creation.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. You are stronger than you ever dreamed. You are worth a life…your life. You are worth gritting your teeth, rolling up your sleeves, and trying again!

If you don’t think I know what I am talking about – share your experience with me privately and I’ll show you I know what I am talking about! I haven’t been through the hell in my life for nothing…pain shared makes your experience easier.

Share it privately with me and I will respond privately to you, with love and support. I promise. I’ve been a personal health consultant (mind, body and spirit) for over
thirty years, and lived at least five different lives! Let me help, no charge, if I can!
The spirit is willing!

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7 Responses to “Why do you need a reason to live?”

  1. angel709 Says:

    I found myself in the pit of unmotivation and wondering what’s it all for! I didn’t want to be strong, I didn’t want to try. I felt blah. Doing dishes, even brushing my teeth became a chore. I’m now convinced I’ve had too many life altering situations for my emotions to handle in one setting. I have to recognize (still in the process) I have indeed been through a few hells, and while I am confident it is all worth it in the end (due to my true motivator), I won’t always see the joy set before me especially when I focus on my needs. I’ve had to realize, I need a mental break from me. Nope, life won’t stop while I take one, but that’s going to have to be okay. I’ve become self-absorbed with my woes and it makes me question life’s purpose when that happens.

    I can so relate to the phrase, “it’s just not worth the trouble”. I’ve never felt like a loser or used those words in negative self-talk but there are times I could think of nothing to truly live for…and I have small children! I love my children, but I’m a survivor of being raised by a single parent, so that wasn’t motivation to keep at this life. Don’t mistaken the statement, I’m just saying I have to dig deeper for my cause to live and live with effort not just use up oxygen and keep a cycle going.

    I think of the fanciest cars, the power to buy whatever I want, or put in an order at will, and I’m still not moved. A part of me says, you’re just having sour grapes syndrome. But there is another option…these are simply not my motivations, even though material things are nice to have. Part of my reason for being unmotivated many days is that I keep forgetting my motivator. It’s not money, but I obsess with getting it in order to pay bills and get necessities. My motivation is not a car, but I find myself worrying about getting one that runs so I can take my children to school as they’ve almost missed a month. The only thing I realize constantly that I value is “my time”. I love the use and free will of my time and I pay for it. But there is another thing that motivates me. Its the one thing I can do all day, all night and it gives me energy…WRITING! And writing to help others is a big boost. I’m motivated by helping others. It is my gift and I neglect it because I slip into focusing on things that I truly don’t care much for…but they are necessary.

    I’ve lost and gained materials, loved ones, and ideas. But there is one reason for living that I must commit today to keep before me…WRITING! When we share that ” skilled free thing” with others and take the focus off ourselves, our reason(s) for living and the motivation to do so will reveal themselves right under our noses…and in my case, right at my finger tips. Thanks for sharing this post…I needed it.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    ME TOO! 🙂 Indeed your writing is a gift to share!

  3. Elaine Says:

    I have had a lifetime of pain. And I really don’t want to go on. There is some instinct that keeps me going but it’s getting easier to override that instinct.

  4. marsha o'brien Says:

    I am going to email you this evening. Take a breath and hold on to that instinct…

  5. angel709 Says:

    I read this again today. Very refreshing, thanks again for writing this article.

  6. Pat Says:

    I feel like Elaine. I just don’t have the strength, ability anything and my life hasn’t been that bad.

    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Hello Pat. We all find ourselves at a point of “blah” – no motivation, no energy, etc. It is just one of those things that happen. We live a life of mountains, valleys, and plateaus. Sometimes we fall into a pit (mine were of my own choice mostly!) “This too shall pass.” I have lots of what could be negative things going on right now in my life, but I have just learned to refuse to be overridden by what happens to us. WE ALWAYS have a choice, and I choose to be happy and find a lesson and meaning! I hope to start writing again tomorrow….I think you might find the subject interesting. Another thing that works for me is to drop to my knees and pray. Don’t even have to do that-you can pray anywhere, and any time. God is always receptive. Please take a few good breaths and hang in there woman! Try to stay positive. Love and blessings from me to you. It takes practice to refine the “happy” choice to be 99 percent of the time! Divert your attention by doing something kind for someone. Tell someone you love them. Look at the sunset.
      Life is still a wonderful gift.

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