What PROVES love is deep and real?

I am in the “process” of a task that is one of the most important in my life. I need YOUR thoughts on your definition of LOVE.

Not lust, not the romantic kind of love that stirs our hearts and increases our pulse. What do you think, IN REAL life situations – proves REAL LOVE.

Please share as this is of utmost importance in a task that I am trying to complete.


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2 Responses to “What PROVES love is deep and real?”

  1. angel709 Says:

    I’m sorry I’ve been out in space for a while. I hope my comment is helpful.

    I’m sure you are familiar with I Corinthians 13’s definition of love and what love is not, and I agree whole-heartedly. But instead of repeating all of those here, I’d like to add, love is fairness. Love is being able to “do someone” but because of love and maturity, you do not. But you also value yourself enough to not let them “do you” either. Love steps in when it sees injustice, sickness, helplessness. Love moves us to act when we see a child hurting. Love will take the risk of being wrong or hurt to help a stranger. Yet love is not ignorant or naiive.

    I believe love and truth can be synonymous as Christ is both. Every move he made was love in motion. What we don’t seem to understand is, love gets tired, but it perserveres. Love hangs with hope and faith so it is never discouraged for very long. In the midst of right and wrong is love. Love can be proven when a person takes a higher path from right and wrong and walks the higher call of bringing the two together. Love is wholeness and integrity of all situations. Showing love doesn’t mean right and wrong is obsolete or ignored..not by a long shot. But Jesus is the perfect example of walking love. He did not deny his own hunger, yet he did not manipulate power to satisfy his own needs. He did not deny a woman’s wrong act of adultery, nor the thief’s wrongdoing on the cross before he “remembered” (restored) him. But he showed us a more excellent way to deal with wrong. Love is ultimate balance and knowing when to let go and when to give more grace and mercy. Love will allow people to fail, only to give them to opportunity to grow and be self-reliant not to wallow in vengeance. Love is never “teaching a lesson” without compassion. When we forgive and move on, love does not hold ill will. Proven love is when we realize we are no longer effected by what others do more than our own actions and perceptions. This realization will bring peace and joy in spite of contrary circumstances. Love is power and the first power is that which we take back for ourselves. Our right to feel, think, and act on our own and not be victims of others. Love is being responsible for our own actions and life. Love empowers others in every day situations to do the same…to take control of their lives and help when truly needed as we also appreciate help on our journey.

    I agree that love can be an action word or that we can prove love by observing a genuine act. But more than that, proven love is a state of being, it is a presence that commands an atomosphere to change without saying a word or being manipulative. True and deep love is what people try to duplicate and imitate with sex, money, and external power.

    Love has a true multi-faceted perspective of life and those that we encounter. That means respecting the homeless, not judging or pitying. Love lends everyone their freedom of choice and consequences. Love is the gift of being able to see through God’s eyes.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Your comments are wonderful and really the timing is just right. I have received quite a few emails also, so I am ready to complete my task. Thanks so much for your wonderful input.

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