Divorce of the decade

Not to impinge upon your post, but my divorce was the divorce of the decade….every decade I divorced (or was widowed). I am NOT a celebrity. I am ONE OF YOU. Nobody.

Want to hear about the infidelity I had to acknowledge, the beating, the hair ripped out by the roots, the
horror of a best friend cheating with your husband, the loss of all assets to a con artist? The loss of a 22 year old husband when he was killed by the 22nd car of a moving train. I guess not.

I am nobody when it comes to “stars”….but I slept with a major star, I taught fitness to more than one star, and I have a friend who has been a star since 1958. Still. No one is interested in my divorce/or loss.

If I made 17 million a movie, or 100 millon a year, perhaps I would be noteworthy. As of this day, I am “not-worthy”. After all, no one knows me. My life hasn’t been on the front page of every crap magazine.
I am just a (formerly) middle class citizen. I say formerly as the middle class has evaporated and America is changed. God help us.

My LIVES are really much more interesting and diverse than that of “what’s his name”? and his wife………
Alas, no one cares. πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to “Divorce of the decade”

  1. angel709 Says:

    What a story! May not make front page of a trash mag, but then…these are personal experiences for you to share at your discretion for real purpose and I applaud you…..On the contrary, celeb’s stories are for “story chasers” of smut mags to violate and smut readers to salivate over. In your case, I think people care to know how you overcome…we relate to life’s unexpected devastations as laymen though it may have come in a different box for us.

    I think smut readers secretly thrive on knowing that the rich and famous have flaws (even if some are lies), it is how they “punish them” for being popular. Sad, twisted, but I may be on to something.
    oh well, my two cents! πŸ˜‰

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Loved your two cents…the thoughts make a lot of “sense”! We all have to overcome in this old world, eh?

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