Ghosts on “hold”

Have to take out post on Ghosts….my friend contacted me and until we get permission to use photo;
have to respect this request!

More soon….maybe? Think they contacted someone about this particular incident…

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2 Responses to “Ghosts on “hold””

  1. angel709 Says:

    Hey Marsha,
    I have a lot of catching up to do on reading your blog. I had the opportunity to read the “ghost story” before having to delete it because it was in my email in box. Well, I was thinking I didn’t have anything to “contribute” in the realm of para-normal activity (per se), but while I was reading, I got up to check on breakfast. I went back to my computer and it had shut off. Now, let me be honest, my computer is qwirky, but I was just commenting to my son this morning, how remarkable my computer has been; it has not been “running hot” and the other things that had become a part of regular routine. It has never shut off like that and if it does shut down, it takes moments to come back on because of overheating. This is not the case.

    I didn’t get to see the pictures, they were not there, and I can’t believe it’s because you’ve taken them off the website because that shouldn’t have effected what was already in my in box..hence the article in the first place. At any rate, thought I’d share for what it was worth. My computer came back on when I turned it on, but I had to to REMEMBER what I was doing. My first thought before processing the abrupt shut down was, “Boy, that was weird”.

    I do believe other spirits are among us, why, I cannot say and I have had no personal encounters while awake. However, during a very trying time in my life in my 20s, I dreamt my mother returned (she passed away when I was 11). Instead of being freaked out as I would’ve imagined in a wakened state, it was like seeing an old friend. I wanted to tell her all the things going on and catch up on the last 9 years so to speak. Well, she was not communicating “with me”, directly. It was as if we were both in a one way mirror. We knew the other was there but could only send a one way message. She said nothing, nor could I see her face vividly. However, only the top half of her body was visible. She was not “ghostly” or transparent, but it was as if my eyes were a little blurry and I kept trying to blink to get a clear picture. I could not remember if I had actually dreamt the entire event or if I had gotten up, went to the restroom and had a vision. Well, once I was fully awake I was freaked out as this was my first “visit”. It kept me up but it also led me to the answer of the problem I was facing. The way I found the “answer” was nothing less than supernatural. I felt crazy, i tried to “stop being led”, and the voice leading me (during fully awake hours) was more like me talking to myself, yet there were things said they got my attention in a way that I wouldn’t speak to myself. I know this isn’t quite the same thing but I believe it all stems from something beyond what most people are willing to even discuss that aren’t considered quacky. I’ve had out of body experiences and time traveled. I’ve done this BEFORE investigating these things or having any kind of interest in them. I’m a born-again Believer and we were always taught or at least underlying understood that those things were “of the devil”. Yet the bible is clear when it said that Christ himself appeared to his disciples on the other side of a closed door without it opening. In conclusion, I believe we will re-learn lost knowledge in order to transition to the next global phase of a new heaven and earth, however that is to be interpreted.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I also think dreams can be reflections of realities we are not aware of – yet. My husband who was killed at 22 was a restless spirit I think. When I saw the “whatever” we call it (spirit let’s say) at the end of my bed – I was not fearful and it was not scary at all. Very peaceful.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love your writing and sharing your thoughts with us on my blog is just wonderful!

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