INSANE Florida pastor

This INSANE pastor who plans to burn the Holy Quran is just that……INSANE! He DOES NOT represent the voice of Americans. We honor the right to worship freely and his actions are TOTALLY NOT accepted, nor endorsed!

Whatever he does is NOT approved of by one single person I know or have discussed this tentative action with…….he is a total disgrace to what he calls his form of Christianity. We are fighting with Muslims in Afghanistan, and truly endorse FREEDOM of religion.

The problem is that this country is based on the rights of individuals to do what they choose-but the bias media only reports what is inflammatory. Please pass this on to as many people as you can! The idiot would have a cow if someone threatened to / or did, burn the Holy Bible. I am a world Christian and it sickens me to hear of his ridiculous actions.

We have many Muslims in this country and anyone who does something like this is most likely less than a small fraction of a percent in radical judgment. Unbelievably ridiculous. If you don’t agree with the Holy Quran or Muslim beliefs – as decent human beings we need to accept the right each human has the right to choose what they believe. I would bet this jackass hasn’t even read the book! What happened to honoring and respecting others rights? He is an INDIVIDUAL.
He DOES NOT speak for the people!

For any Muslims reading this – please do not think this man speaks for a majority by any means. He is an idiot!

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3 Responses to “INSANE Florida pastor”

  1. angel709 Says:

    Well said! I agree…

  2. B.Ahmed Says:

    Respected Readers,
    Please read the Teaching of Holy Prophet Mohammed: No matter however much We pray as Muslims, fast, perform Hajj & Given money in Charity, if the neighbour is tormented (irrespeective of Color or Creed)by a Muslim ,this Muslim may not enter Paradise.
    When Islam was at infancy, Idolators of Holy City of Mekkha. Approached Holy Prophet Mohammed and said” You bow to our Idols for fewdays, and in turn We will bow to your ALLAH” Holy Prophet did not terrorise them but calmly replied I will await the order of ALMIGHTY GOD.
    Holy Angel Gabriel came with the message” Tell the Idolators what they worship,you donot, and Whom You worship ,they will not, for you your way & for them their way” a peaceful message .no order to declare war or to Kill. Thats the basic formula of Islam.
    Accept oneness of ALMIGHTY GOD, know HIM by all the signs ,Prostrate before HIM alone, Pass the message of Islam peacefully & live with love
    with your fellow human being for Islam propagate no compulsion on Religion. Free will for all:they choose their way But will answer to ALMIGHTY GOD alone in the day of Judgement.
    Please read the conspiract theory of 9/11 , media brought Bin Laden in to it, But Bin Laden denied .Why 28 Muslims died & no jews?
    Why Pentagon allowed these plane to fly ,& Airforce remain quiet.
    Why Bush & Blair now cought & Blair out of fear disappeared from Public seen.
    This Pastor never liked to read the Holy Quran which contains the information about holy Abraham, Holy Moses, Holy Jesus & a whole Chapter of Holy Mary. If Holy Quran were written by Muslims ,there could have been many scientific errors like Bible , but there is none.
    Bible states Vegetation created on 3rd day & sun on 4th day, Its baseless. Bible stated Moon has its own light, again wrong.
    Jesus never uttered that He was son of GOD,but High priests did.
    in last two thousand Years Bible kept on Chaging wording BUT Holy Quran was nover altered & will never can be altered.Any Muslim wants to Change holy Quran will perish.
    ALL Original Holy Psalm, Holy Tora & Holy Bible were the spoken words of ALMIGHTY GOD as Holy Quran. Please read & seek the truth . Donot write falsehood.
    Also Please read the Gospel of ST Barnabas & you will find what Holy Jesus told about the advent of Holy Prophet Mohammed as the comforter of this earth. Its a Book truly written by ST,Barnabas on the advice of Holy Jesus before He was taken away alive to 4th Heaven .Jesus was taken alive to Heaven by Angels Just Like Holy Enoch who refused to die, Angels took him above alive.
    For this pator, as a true Muslim I cannot abuse him, But I pray that he sees the true light of Islam as Many Chritians Priests are reverting to Islam all over the world. After watching Peace TV of Doctor Zakir Nyak Many Hindus reveted to Islam & praying secretly like Muslims for the fear of Society for Hindu Propagate monotheism. Atharba Veda 13/4/20
    Rig Veda 6/36/4 . 1/94/13
    Thank you, Best Wishes.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing so much of what Islam is and the Holy Quran contains.
    No one can judge if one man is right and another wrong. That is why each man must choose in his heart his holy beliefs. I recognize and respect each human’s rights to choose and worship as is right in his heart.

    I don’t know the answers to these statements- or even the validity of them. “Please read the conspiracy theory of 9/11 , media brought Bin Laden in to it, But Bin Laden denied .Why 28 Muslims died & no Jews? Why Pentagon allowed these plane to fly ,& Air Force remain quiet. Why Bush & Blair now cought & Blair out of fear disappeared from Public seen.”

    Those in the news media report lies and inflammatory statements. I also don’t know why so many Christians have been tortured and killed, or Jews, or Muslims! It’s happened to all religions. I do know that the heart of America, it’s true peoples, believe in helping whomever needs help. Our politicians do not often reflect the will of the people..such as been reported in Iran and other countries.
    I have studied many great religions and spiritual beliefs over a lifetime. My son has just become Muslim, and of course I wanted to know more about his newly found spiritual following, so I did some research. So surprising so many religions all have MANY similar beliefs.

    I have studied the Holy Bible for almost 58 years and over all other spiritual beliefs, believing in the Holy Christ as the only begotten son of God, is my heart. That will never change. That is my choice.

    I also believe each man has the right to choose. Each human has the right to worship as he believes, and I am not to JUDGE what another chooses. My job on this planet is to worship God as I know him, follow my personal spiritual choices, to love and forgive
    others, and myself, and to be a person of peace.

    I will never know all answers which belong to the higher realm – and I ask forgiveness for that which has not been made clear to me. But I do know what I believe and that is unshakable.

    Again, thank you for sharing and peace and blessings to you.
    I also know that we all need to respect and honor the rights of each other on this planet earth. I know you come from a place in your heart and I pray we can all live peacefully for the sake of the innocent children.

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