The BANKS are royally Screwing us AGAIN

I am NOT a mathematician, but one of the good things about using a computer is that you don’t have to be, to get the figures you may need.

Just for fun (I don’t think it was for me to get pissed off) I decided to do a bit of multiplications.

My husband works out of town because the unemployment in our town is fifteen percent. That is just the number of folks who have unemployment coming- doesn’t count those who don’t qualify.

Today he needed more cash than his normal “weekly pittance” he allows himself; he actually doesn’t even get to see his check as it’s deposited on line and before too long, it’s all gone to pay bills.

Anyway, because our local bank doesn’t have a branch where he is, it was necessary to pay ATM fees. Bank of America where he got the cash charged $3.00. Our bank charged $1.50, so the total to get his money was $4.50 for one transaction.

It got me to thinking. There are 310,281,438 people in this country as complied by the 2010 census. Let’s just use REALLY modest figures….. probably way low!

If just 150,000 people needed money in the same scenario, just 300 days out of the year, the total money coming in to the two banks would be $229,500,000.00!! That’s pretty eye opening to me.

I think the number of people who need to get money this way would actually be much higher – and most likely every single day of the year.

Let’s see – citizens bailed out the banks and the middle class has vaporized. Foreclosures have never been higher and unemployment is higher as well.
My husband and I have been struggling and kept our credit scores very high. We have never been late on a payment, and he is working. We have tried to refinance our home three times and have been told – we don’t qualify! We have to be late, or in foreclosure. Kind of takes the motivation out of being responsible citizens.

A very honorable mortgage lender told me, that the banks are not refinancing much at all now. Aren’t we glad we bailed them out so they could, once again, say?


Think I’ll just take a breath and enjoy the company of my beloved husband this day and a half he is able to have off work and spend time at home.

Oh yes, almost forgot, looks like he’ll be laid off at the end of the month.

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4 Responses to “The BANKS are royally Screwing us AGAIN”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Marsha, We as citizens need to pull all of our assets out of the banks and see what happens to them this way I guess. I was in the same boat as you when I found out our bank locks up 70 of our hard earned US dollars every time we use our card at the pump. I guess that’s so if another Bernie Madolf decides he wants to embezzle the banks money it is there for him to do so. We have to start raising hell ! Maybe if they see the devil himself they won’t be so quick to take all of our money. It is the root of all evil darling so don’t get too worked up over it. Someday we are promised a perfect life other than here on earth. Just hold on for the ride while we are here.

  2. angel709 Says:

    I agree with Jennifer; we have power! If just half of that number you quoted would boycott the ATM fees, we’d get their attention….even 1/4 of your already low number. But we simply don’t have ‘time’ to stop and suffer more than we already suffer. It takes time AND money to re-route our lives and routines. They know your husband won’t be able to access his own bank at times, and they capitalize on the “convenience”. However, there are some banks and credit unions now (U.S. Bank I believe) reimburses atm fees up to a certain amount of transactions per month. You should’ve seen my surprised look when I saw “reverse atm fee” on my statement!!! Someone is listening..let’s make the bigger whigs listen by supporting the ones who at least appear to be putting forth effort to reduce fees.

    ATM fees are just one of the many “bend over” tactics they use, so I know that is your point..this is just one of many. As I mentioned in response to another post, 80% of the patrons/bankers are supporting the top 20% of the rich. Sometimes this principle is skewed even higher…90/10, 95/5 and dare i say 99/1%!!!!! We are the ones with the leverage…why would their evil hearts stop? It is up to us.
    Bent over no more,

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks Jennifer for your input and support. I get all worked up for a few minutes – long enough to write my little butt off (I wish!:) – but then I really do let it go – I anticipate that future for us too…and I have faith it will happen! You are right on the money (bad pun) –
    the love of it IS definitely the root of all evil!

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Once again Angel, you make some very valid points. I am shocked you got a reverse atm fee…
    never heard of it…if someone is listening I am thrilled. I think we, the people, are beginning to stand up and be heard. It is difficult with everyone just trying to survive financial chaos and joblessness. I like the “bend over no more: – that could be a sticker for the back of our cars!

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