Sometimes Life Sucks!

You know what I mean!
Here it is again. I haven’t placed pen in hand for a couple of weeks, and now the first day I do, it’s bitch, bitch, bitch!
Definition per Merriam-Webster
1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2: a lewd or immoral woman b: a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
4: complaint

I choose the last definition. I am putting in my complaints about “stuff”.

Check this map out. I snapped a quick photo from the television a couple of nights ago. These are OTHER countries that are having immigration troubles!

It’s not just Governor Jan Brewer, in Arizona, who wants to halt illegal immigrants – some of these countries don’t even want any more legal immigrants! It is a continuing problem and I hold to my personal thoughts. It’s a slap in the face to the LEGAL immigrants to allow the illegal ones to just cross the borders.

Citizens that pay income and state taxes, pay enough to a government that is chaotic right now. It is just not fair to pay for food, housing, medical, and welfare to non-citizens! Kind of puts the old motivation in the trash can.

Well, other things do. You may remember when I tried to refinance and was told: “Your credit is great, your husband is working, and you’ve never been late on any payments. You don’t qualify.” I even had to pay $17.00 to get my own credit score! BS. Well, I’m finally over that one…..

Tried to “modify” our mortgage. Guess what the reply was to inquiry? You’ve got it: “Your credit is great, your husband is working, and you’ve never been late on any payments. You don’t qualify.” Oh they added one thing:
“Won’t even consider you until your mortgage is at least thirty days late!”

Unflipping believable, eh?
Here’s another unbelievable tidbit of information. I was waiting for an appointment the other day and picked up a magazine. Familiar with AARP? If not, it’s a magazine published for seniors.

This was an article on the health care reform. It was answering questions that might arise. Here is the answer to the question,
“What will it cost me?”

Verbatim: “It the federally run programs, you pay a $2,500 annual deductible (except for preventive services), a $25 co-payment for doctor visits, and 20 percent of the cost of other covered benefits. Some state-run programs are a lot more generous. Each state decides premiums, which may vary according to age and tobacco use. ”

As far as an answer to the question “I’m over 50, will I pay higher premiums?” The answer was PROBABLY.

Here is a bit of sage advice – When you hear statistics and poll results, don’t pay too much attention. Usually the results are “slanted” and are representative of a small minority SELECTED for getting “desired” results. Think on your own, and choose what you believe to be best.
If you know a Veteran, please tell them to check with the VA for benefits they may be missing out on. Pensions are available to anyone who served even a single day during wartime…don’t know anything more about this except it’s worth checking out!
I just despise crappy news and it’s all garbage. You cannot tell which one is lying and how much they are lying. I do know that they lie by omitting important information, and editing to fit their point of view.

I am a Californian and I witnessed Jerry Brown’s last stint as governor – YUK! He was a nightmare and a joke. I noticed ABC World news showed him in the debate scolding Meg Whitman for her hiring an illegal (I do not believe she did, by the way) – they simply omitted her saying – before his rebuttal that she was disgusted with the fact they would use this woman to further his campaign, and then will probably disregard the fact she will be sent back to Mexico!

Again, do your homework and don’t be snowed by the lying press. Whitman gets my vote. Jerry Brown was a horrible governor – how soon we all forget!

I am loving Oprah’s last season; her shows are great. I do have one complaint though. She was talking about how the people who were against gays twenty years ago have “progressed” to have a different point of view now…more accepting and tolerant.

Personally I think that is rather ridiculous. No one killed anyone during that show twenty years ago – they were simply voicing their opinions….isn’t that what America is still about?
We all have the right to our own opinion.

Of course we should be tolerant and not violent towards those with different viewpoints – that doesn’t mean we have to ACCEPT their view, or say it is right! I stand by what I believe and have the right to voice my opinion whether anyone likes it or not.

Spent over an hour today trying to pay my internet bill on line.
Have no problem paying anything else. AT&T sent me from recording to recording, and operator to operator, until I had really had enough. I hung up and quickly wrote a complaint to the payment center. I mailed it. I felt better, not that anyone else will care at all!

My last complaint: I hate paying corporations American high prices for “stuff”when they pay minimal wages to the Chinese people who stamp MADE IN CHINA on every single item. I am sick of seeing the crappy quality. Think of all the things sent from China (from bad dog food- to dangerous toys) – that we pay high prices to purchase. It makes me ill. I don’t think it’s fair to the Chinese workers either.

Okay this is the end of my negative post – though I don’t really mean it to be negative. I am just VOICING MY OPINIONS AND SHARING MY WISDOM (Hhmmm…some might question the wisdom thing) – Nonetheless…..

I am going to take a deep breath, and get up and stretch. I’m not even checking for spelling errors!
Then I am going to do something for fun! You should do something for fun, and love, as well! Much better than wasting moments on all the garbage we are fed.

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8 Responses to “Sometimes Life Sucks!”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    I think Jerry Brown would rather talk about anything other than his previous record.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I concur! Just listening to a word or two out of his mouth reminds me of his poor record! I just realized I hadn’t put the map of other countries having immigration problems on post – thanks for somehow reminding me, as weird as that seems!

  3. angel709 Says:

    Well, apparently the sucking of life is going around. I won’t stay in this vein long, I can’t afford to, but I also had to voice my opinion on poor customer service in my post today.

    Marsha, as God liveth, when I am out from under the swells of debt, I will give more voice to the struggling. I have vision to take down giants, I’m not kidding.
    It’s hard to however, when you’re bent over. But the day comes when I backs are straightened and our head held higher than ever with not just dignity, but with power to do something about it.

    Til then, I need to take your advice and do something fun. I read part of a book that I frequent, and the author talked about the power of walking and getting clear answers. I need that walk.

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    My darling Angel. I agree – it’s not healthy to stay long on all the crappola going on these days. I am glad you voiced your opinion. We the people need to pass on such information to help one another.

    I know you are not kidding about your vision and I have no doubt about you meaning it!

    I made a decision (thank you Lord for answering prayers) – I am no longer dwelling on the suckie part of things-that’s not my job. I don’t mean I will stop passing on information that I feel is valuable, but I am not going to dwell on it either! I awoke and three words entered my mind. Poised with pen in hand- to paper: ” Gratitude, attitude, and hope”. I read the paper (which I set on the table) – many times today. I thought the words. I prayed prayers of gratitude-changed my attitude-and have hope for the future. Amidst all the “stuff” going on today, my mind was changed and so was my day. Tomorrow will be better yet.

    I pray for you sweet friend and send love and healing spirit to you! I’m back to my old philosophy: “I tried being miserable. It sucked, so I gave it up!” Have a wonderful and empowered day tomorrow.

  5. angel709 Says:

    I agree 100%, every now and then a potty break is mandatory, or we get “full of it”. This is the place to express it so we don’t end up being a sniper on a roof. Vent as you need to…we are allowed because there are too many injustices, and our voice will be heard. It matters in the end–even if nothing was done, we did not keep silent.

    I like that…gratitude, attitude, and hope. It’s a daily battle to keep my mind from staying into the pit…but I hear your voice DAILY! and it starts off with, “This is YOUR time!” This is all we have good friend, let us be diligent and responsible to voice injustices and do our part as you said, to inform others. Then once we’ve released the crap-ola (lol) let us clear the air and close the door until we are “moved” again.
    Thank you for being a divine part of my life. I tell you, you make a difference!!!

  6. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Well you certainly started off my day with a great big old smile! Wow. Back to you with vigor my friend. We’ll clasp arms through the Spiritual air waves and move onward and upward!
    Have a beautiful day.

  7. James Says:

    Dear Brethren in the Cause of Purification:

    I firmly believe that there is something fundamentally good about this country. Ask any African American on Death Row and he will agree.

    Therefore, the one thing we have to do right away is to build that endless fence across the country, and place expert riflemen at all the strategic entry points.

    Their assignment: Take the kids out first before they apply for citizenship. Then the lazy fat husbands, uncles, grandfathers who should be easy targets.

    As for the women and girls, eliminate the old, the feeble, the ugly. Once these pig-whores are down for the count, come in with armed vehicles and round up the cute ones. Ship them to Huston, Tucson, where they will be strongly encouraged to provide “entertainment services” to caring Arizona politicians. Of course, once they are no longer cute, deport them back along with any children born out of wedlock here in trucks in the middle of the night.

    That should do the trick, don’t you think?

    At the same time, we can develop a gang of recruiters to scout out strong backs throughout Latin American, take them by the truck load back to the giant columbine farms. Once there and housed in barracks, pay them much less than the minimum wage, lock them up at night, and excavate huge pits on ranches in west Texas for mass extermination once the season is over.

    I want to publish this modest proposal in the newsletters of those “Progressive,” Arab-loving, cocksuckers who should be treated in the same way as illegal immigrants above.

    So did I get it correct?

  8. marsha o'brien Says:

    Did you know James that you posted this response twice? Once here and once on another article of mine. I am happy that I inspired you to let out some of your hatred and negative thoughts. Sometimes it helps to rid a person of actually doing horrible things.

    I will respond to this letter on the other posting. Hope you have a chance to read it, and I hope you settle down and quit being so quick to judge another. Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts, though they are not well born to connect with the feelings of this writer…..

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