Thank you God

Try saying THANK YOU. I had an excellent day. I found myself getting physical therapy for a bulging disc that is very painful. As I closed my eyes when they left me to a heating pad to the cervical area, I just somehow began to pray. I prayed silently for fifteen minutes. Prayers of gratitude for ALL the miracles throughout a lifetime to the Almighty Alpha and Omega.

I have been praying for help. I have been praying to get back to a spiritual center. Today it came upon me.

I silently began to thank God for everything He has provided. It doesn’t matter whether the Supreme Being is he or she – whatever – I have been gifted. To reiterate, in part,
this was my prayer:

Thank you for my health and wonderful human body that heals.
Thank you for the well being of my children and grandchildren.
Thank you for getting me through the trials of my own inexperience and flawed judgments.
Thank you for the moon, the stars, the sunlight, the dawn and the dusk.
Thank you for food set before me to make me reel in over-indulgence.
Thank you for water.
Thank you for letting me wake up to try again.
Thank you for people that have come into my life for reason.
Thank you for carrying me through what I considered unanswered prayers-to a finer time.
Thank you for putting that light within me – and for my ability to call upon it when the darkness pervades my life.
Thank you for knowing, from a deep resource within, that I will meet with those I’ve loved that will ascend to the higher level – soon.
Thank you for breath.
Thank you for patience and my security in knowing that even if I don’t know all the answers, if I love and am and trying, I can continue to rise above the human plain.
Thank you for my questioning mind and the draw I feel to you.
Thank you for all the amenities I take for granted: running water, the toilet, a refrigerator, a car, parks, television, the information highway, and so much more.
Thank you for the love, that is unconditional, of my animals.
Thank you for a husband that, like you, sees my good and my depth of love.
Thank you for singing, the rustling of leaves in the fall, still water that is cooling and calms my spirit, and rushing water that reminds me life hurries by quickly, so I must cherish each moment.
Thank you for my Lord and Master on this planet earth, Jesus Christ.
Thank you for forgiving my confusion in matters that are of utmost importance.
Thank you for hearing my prayers and for keeping hope in my heart.
Thank you for lighting this humble servant’s way.
In Jesus Christ precious name I pray.

And now I lay my head upon my pillow with prayers and hope for the light of the early morning, and the chance to exceed my choices of this day. May the hope cling to you and love penetrate
and heal all pain.

Be gentle with the children. See the elderly as you in the future, and don’t diminish their importance in these, their last days.

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