This is for all Women in a Relationship (Post 2)

I promised I would follow-up from yesterday’s post, so here it is, and I hope it helps someone.

4 MILLION women are beaten and abused each year. Is that shocking?

Well how’s this for a shocker? That is in the USA – not a third world country! I tried to find statistics on men being beaten or killed by their spouse or partner, but I came up with pretty much nothing. I know there have been some such instances.

The leading cause of violence to women fifteen to forty-four, ( car accidents, mugging and rapes combined) is caused by their husband or domestic partner.

Here is another stunning fact. Sixteen percent of young men between the ages of eleven and twenty thatare serving time is for killing their mother’s abusers.

Something is wrong with this picture! Agreed?

I spoke to a weapons expert in length day before yesterday, and he was kind enough to share some pretty important tips for women who are, or may be in a position to be beaten,
or even worse. Marshall also teaches a self-defense class.
He seemed appalled that anyone would touch a woman in that manner. He seems to be a really decent man. This is what he shared with me.

1. No stun gun. The stun gun must be held against a person 15 seconds to be effective. In an emergency situation, one mistake and it’s over.
2. No knife. Same result if you aren’t fast and an expert.

3. No gun – unless you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, know how to use it, and are defending your own life. God forbid you are ever in that scenario!

4. No taser as you have to aim and hit dead on. Even if that happens the connection can be pulled off in most circumstances. Police almost always have a back-up.

5. Pepper Spray – YES! YES! YES! Have your pepper spray in a pocket or concealed within immediate reach. Before he can reach you, spray directly in his eyes. It has to be either in your hand so it is unseen, or concealed in some manner, because if he sees it he can block the spray from his eyes.

This is something Marshall told me that I found extremely interesting. Once you spray the attacker – keep spraying directly in the eyes until the canister is completely empty!
That is important.

He assured me that if you use the whole can you will have time to grab whatever you need (like car keys and a purse)-
pick-up the baby (babies) – and escape.

It will not permanently damage the eyes, but will disable your attacker.

He suggested that if you’ve never used a pepper spray before, buy an extra one and go some place and practice.
Practice the “draw” – practice spraying – spray the entire container, and practice, practice, practice.

Rehearse it in your mind, an emergency scenario. Keep in mind wind/or a fan can send the spray where it shouldn’t go, so be careful!

I hope and pray you never have to use a pepper spray (or any weapon) but having been verbally and physically abused, more than once, I say to you – IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN TO ME.

If I were caught off guard with no weapon I would fight
no matter what! But I am relaxed, have a plan, and will never leave be without a phone in my pocket and a pepper spray handy.

I am happy to report almost 24 years of abuse free marriage! It CAN happen to you too. Upward and onward girlfriends!

I am a survivor. If you are ever put to the test, have a plan of action and a rehearsed one at that. You do not want to
be the headline in tomorrow’s paper.

Now take a deep breath and let yourself relax a bit!
My prayers are with you all.

One Response to “This is for all Women in a Relationship (Post 2)”

  1. angel709 Says:

    Thank you for the follow up. Very good advice and thank you for breaking the silence of this unnecessary abuse. These are good tips in general for self defense.

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