A Christmas Wish – Please

I have written over 500 posts and hopefully I know I do have some regular readers. I have tried to publish informative, true, funny, and important posts. I have answered almost every response, and still correspond with many of you. Today I have a request. It would actually answer a Christmas prayer for me.

My son lives in Morocco with his Moroccan wife, and their beautiful 5 month old baby. He has tried to bring them to the USA, but new laws (don’t know if it is just in Morocco, or everywhere,) that do not allow him to bring his family unless he comes alone for 6 months and works-or he has substantial money. He does not want to miss his child’s life; nor does he want to leave them.

He is earning a living by teaching and he is a fine writer. He has entered a contest which is very important in his life, and all he is asking is 5 seconds for a vote. Though
I do not understand the title – I am sure the book will turn a great tale. He is a kind and decent man and Needs this wish to come true. PLEASE take 5 seconds – such a small amount of time – and give him a vote. You don’t even have to read the first five sample pages. I will guarantee it is not trash and he is worthy of a wish come true. It’s not much to ask…..pretty please! He writes a fabulous travel log, and is working hard for his family (as anyone with love, will do. 🙂

This is is baby. Sophie

She needs daddy to be able to earn money at what he does.

This is how you do it. Go to: http://curiosityquills.com/giveaways-contests/nano-virtuosos-competition/round-two/

You don’t even have to read the five pages…just trust me, it will be good. Vote for
the first five pages of “Douchebags, Fag and Hags” (I KNOW- the title is strange, but he is a good man and I trust his works…) Don’t vote for anyone else as it will cancel his vote. Please respond to my request, and I will continue to respond to any thoughts, questions or needs you have! Pretty pretty please.


THANKS, and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS (politically correct or not!). God bless you and all your family.

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7 Responses to “A Christmas Wish – Please”

  1. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    I am Prasad, from India. Hope you remember me. I have just read this. Too bad! you have not given the site name to vote. please send me immediately,
    My id is vhpmak@gmail.com
    just waiting eagerly for your mail.

    best wishes to all your family members and to that cute baby (your grand son). Tell his father that I give whole hearted support to him and pass this in our local web circles.

    Always yours,
    V. Hari Hara Prasad
    Proddatur – AP – India

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Of course I do. Thanks. I will try to add link again!

  3. Michael Says:

    Delighted to hear from you again. Just visited the site and “Like” but there were no response. Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes to you and all your loved ones.

  4. vhhp Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    The people conducting the polls say that the contest closes by January 2011. is it one year old one?

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Gosh, I don’t know! I will check it out!

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